Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
Revolutionary open source software company Opmantek has signed a deal to see the founder of their Network Management Information System (NMIS) join the business.

The NMIS software is Opmantek’s core Intellectual Property and Keith Sinclair, its original founder, has been newly appointed as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

Opmantek CEO Danny Maher says that attracting Mr. Sinclair from his senior role at Cisco Systems is a major coup for the company and will provide a huge benefit to NMIS users.

“Keith is the original founder of NMIS and a highly regarded technologist in the network management field globally,” Mr. Maher says.

“As our newly appointed Chief Technology Officer he will be working hands on in further developing NMIS and working directly with our major customers.

“Keith will be based at our Gold Coast office and his first priority will be the release of the new NMIS v8 community product and the streamlining of our internet distribution systems.

“He has extensive experience in network management, cloud management, data centre management, architecture and optimisation of IT operational processes.”

Mr Sinclair spent a number of years with Cisco in the Silicon Valley (USA) as Technical Leader of a team of 120 in Cisco’s Advanced Service Technologies group developing network management systems and working on software where he was responsible for a number of US patents.

He will maintain oversight of Opmantek's technical direction and activities and all future development and consulting resources.

“Within a technology company, this is a cornerstone role and the hiring of Keith Sinclair is a giant leap forward for our advanced commercial services and a fantastic boost for the organisation,” Mr. Maher says.

“In the early stages of Keith’s work I will be working closely with him to define and prioritise the company’s product development activities and outputs.

“The major outcome of this will be a determination of metrics to measure our development activities, creation of our community, commercial development and support policy and a focused list of potential new commercial modules to be circulated to our user base.”

Mr. Sinclair says that he is excited to be able to join Opmantek and add his vision to the company.

“I am looking forward to leading the ongoing evolution of NMIS with the open source community and Opmantek's global commercial support and customisation services,” Mr. Sinclair says.

“The popularity of NMIS globally is extraordinary and I am excited to be able to further NMIS with my vision for functional and cost effective operations and management systems, which support engineers and business better.”

Opmantek leverages an extensive network of technology experts around the world and is at the forefront of developing, marketing, packaging and distributing software in the network management field.

A new version of the NMIS software was recently released and is available free of charge through the Opmantek website, It is currently being downloaded by someone around the world every 30 minutes.

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