Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
OSLO, NORWAY and SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Media Network Services (MNS), the global leading provider of network services for HD video conferencing between arbitrary and B2B destinations, today announced the launch of its network Point of Presence (PoP) in Sydney, Australia.

The new network service in Australia revolutionizes the way in which overseas businesses can communicate with businesses in Australia, and vice versa. While HD video conferencing traditionally requires dedicated MPLS links between the calling parties as Internet is too unreliable for long distance HD calling, MNS enables HD calling to arbitrary and B2B destinations anywhere in the world.

Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of MNS, comments:
“We see the launch of MNS’ latest PoP in Sydney as a game changer. A game changer for Australia as it will be far easier for domestic companies to conduct business over HD video conferencing with overseas offices, clients and partners. And a game changer for the video conferencing industry providing services to clients in Australia and elsewhere as it has never been easier, faster and more flexible to deploy a global video conferencing solution.”

How does it work?
MNS’ global video conferencing network service combines the reach of Internet with a carrier grade network. Through peering arrangements with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available in all regions, MNS is a perfectly peered mediator for HD video conferencing across networks. With network PoPs all around the world, clients enter and exit the global Quality of Service (QoS) network at their optimal location over Internet or with a dedicated link for end-to-end QoS.

Businesses in Australia can subscribe to MNS’ global network service and connect to MNS PoP in Sydney using their standard Internet business connection provided by their local ISPs. MNS provides its global network service through resellers on all continents. Contact your video service or network provider for access to MNS’ global network service.

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Media Network Services (MNS)

MNS provides a global network service optimized and dedicated to video conferencing traffic. The service is network, equipment, vendor, reseller and service partner agnostic, connecting all the various islands in the video conferencing industry. The result is that the industry as a whole can enable clients to reach arbitrary destinations worldwide (internally, externally and B2B) in HD quality previously only delivered on closed dedicated MPLS networks.

MNS provides its global network service through resellers on all continents. Contact your video conferencing service partner or network provider to get your video conferencing equipment and infrastructure connected to MNS.
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