Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
The team at Discovery Car Hire has been busy piecing together The Free Attractions Guide for your travel planning needs. The idea behind the guide is that it lists all of the best tourist activities to do in Australia that do not cost anything, the guide has gone so far as to list practically everything a traveler to any given capital city can do for free.

The guide has even gone on to detail the attractions that can be found in some popular tourist destinations outside of the capital cities such as Cairns, Broome and Alice Springs.
Each attraction listed has a detailed description of why a traveler would want to visit as well as a handy phone number to contact the attraction operator and an address to help you find the location. Each city has had time devoted to compiling a list of worthwhile activities, Brisbane tops the list with an impressive 40 unique attractions.

Each city guide has a variety of things to see, do and explore: places ranging from culturally important sites, to the naturally beautiful scenery and adventurous endeavors. Each cities guide has been made in a layout that is completely printable, so you can stick it in your glove box and hit the road, why pay for a travel guide when The Free Attractions Guide has you covered.

The guide was created by the staff at Discovery Car Hire, which is one of Australia’s most well known and used care hire companies, the guide was devised with the intention of assisting travelers to explore this great country of ours. It is possible to rent a car through the company at all of the locations which have The Free Attractions Guide, plus many more throughout Australia.

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