Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
Every kid loves stuffed animals and everybody loves hugs! Hug Buddies are a new product combining stuffed animals, hugs, and pillows. They are large plush pillows designed to resemble animals. The body of the fluffy animal doubles as a pillow but by fastening together the sewn-on velcro flaps the pillow becomes a friendly animal, capable of standing up on its own legs for play.

There is currently a similar product to Hug Buddies, called Pillow Pets. They both offer an animal design capable of folding down to a pillow but Pillow Pets goes for nearly twice the price of Hug Buddies in retail markets. For example, in Australia, Pillow Pets cost $19.95 each! Hug Buddies, exact replicas of Pillow Pets, are available for only $9.95 at In case you were wondering if their is difference in quality, Hug Buddies can assure you the quality is exceptional and equal to that of Pillow Pets. Both products are actually distributed by the same company.

You may have seen Pillow Pets advertised on TV but were discouraged by the price. We are happy to tell you that as of July 2011, Hug Buddies are also advertised on TV but at half the price of their competitor!

Hug Buddies are machine washable and the large 18" plush pillows are perfect companions for kids of all ages. What better way to get your kids to bed than to make bedtime fun? They are currently available in a variety of loveable animal designs including Bucky the Bear, Eunice the Unicorn, Hilly the Hippo, Lacy the Ladybug, Mikey the Monkey, and Paddy the Penguin. Other characters and colors are also available, check them all out! Get ready to fall in love and cuddle up with your new adorable Hug Buddy!

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