Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

September SuperLice are here, and Now!!   While schools try to deny that it’s not happening and ignore the parents frustrated concerns, school nurses, teachers and parents are tearing their hair out trying to find real head lice solutions.

What we are seeing here at the No More Nitz are SuperLice that are double the size of a grain of rice and harder to kill. Our unique ‘one treatment all head lice gone’ service in the salon has increased by 600% in August/September as opposed to earlier months in the year. Coming into school holidays, we are expecting to be treating record numbers of clients, says Jennifer Alexander, Director of No More Nitz.

These days it is hard to find a family that has not had a problem with head lice. To set the record straight, SuperLice (the insects) and nits (the eggs) now rule the school playground. They are like vultures ready to prey on their next victim. They are seemingly immune to all chemist treatments and just laugh when they see it coming. The fact that lice don't jump, tells me that they are becoming extremely fast at crawling from head to head and shoulder to shoulder, so much so that they could easy qualify for the Olympics.

Getting rid of nits is such a huge problem for parents today that they are opting for the specialist service which takes: 

  • 2 Hours, 
  • 1 Treatment 
  • 0 All SuperLice and Nitz gone

This is by far the quickest, most cost effective and easiest way possible, to get rid of head lice, in a quality controlled environment with guaranteed results.

While healthcare professionals are finding it difficult to accurately report on head lice infestations, we are fast becoming the ‘experts’ and ‘go to specialists’ for statistics, treatments and head lice education, because we are the only specialists of our kind in Australia.

We have pioneered a unique franchise business whereby we pride ourselves on quality control and 100% Guarantee head lice removal in one treatment.  Our Treatment Consultants are reporting parents going to extreme measures using products such as; windex; fly spray; dog frontline; turmeric and chili powder, however worst of all is kerosene. The problems with these types of products are they are toxic and seriously dangerous, often resulting in severe burning of the scalp, skin and ears. We highly recommend that parents refrain from using these types of treatment methods.

Head Lice management requires schools to be more pro-active with organizing information sessions for parents and head lice screenings for students, backed by a 7 day follow up screening service, which we provide. Schools and parents can go to to research information about head lice, the treatment service and FAQs. Parents need to understand that no matter who they are, where they live, what type of hair they have or how much money they have, that ‘Nitz Don’t Discriminate’ – they like you too!

The flip side to SuperLice is we are expanding our franchise business to all states and territories of Australia due to the extremely high demand for our service. The salon experience offers a relaxing, inviting atmosphere where you can discuss your head lice frustrations with a consultant, acquire reliable head lice information and talk opening with other parents about your head lice experience. Kids can watch a movie, browse the internet, color in, play with toys or draw on the large blackboard, oblivious to the treatment process. Here at No More Nitz we save you time and money, and give you back your life. The treatment cost starts at $65 however it is nothing compared to what parents spend trying to remove the head lice themselves, to find that it is near impossible.

Because of SuperLice our statistics indicate that infestation rates are as high as 56% in city areas and as high as 95% in remote rural areas of Australia. The Department of Health are ignoring advice and assistance from No More Nitz to be pro-active on this matter. Instead they are simply burying their heads in the sand in the hope that it will just go away. The fact that head lice is second to the common cough clearly shows that it will only get worse, before politicians will stand up and help make it better.


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No More Nitz is the only Head Lice Removal Specialist in Australia, that can Guarantee 100% Head Lice Removal in One treatment. Our treatment product is Natural, non-toxic and odour free. We treat all family members, from babies to grandparents, and the treatment takes just 2 hours. We are experts in our field, because head lice is all we do! Allday, Everyday. Not only do we have the ‘solution to your problem’, but we save you ‘time and money’. We also offer the very best in head lice prevention products and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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