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Brisbane, Australia - Amidst an increasingly competitive local marketing scene dominated by group buying websites such as Groupon and Living Social, new contender Popcatch is bringing fresh perspective to the age old marketing conundrum.

Local businesses face immense challenges on a daily basis. Marketing in an increasingly competitive economy just happens to be one of their biggest challenges and it's not getting easier. In order to survive, business owners will need to take a focused and strategic approach to customer acquisition (e.g. advertising) supplemented by an effective customer retention strategy such as the one offered by Popcatch.

Business gurus often preach that there are mainly two parts to a successful local marketing strategy – getting new customers and retaining them. However, the vast majority of local marketing services such as group buying sites (also known as “daily deal sites”) only care about the former. Popcatch bucks the trend by focusing exclusively on the second part of the success formula - by helping local businesses retain and engage their existing customerbase.

Kas Patel, spokesperson for Popcatch, explained further about Popcatch's key difference, “Over my years of working in retail, I've noticed that many businesses are exceptional at getting new customers through the door with advertising, but they often fail - sometimes miserably - at following up and engaging these customers with compelling reasons to come back to their businesss.”

He added, “[As a local business client of Popcatch] you get a mobile web app [that is accessible on a standard mobile web browser, no downloads necessary] and a website widget that promotes your offers on your website. Both of these components have an email subscription facility so customers can subscribe and stay in the loop with your offers.” The premise of setting up all this technology is that the local business can continue to engage and entice customers well beyond within its own four walls.

Kas also stressed the general need to encourage local and small businesses to use innovative digital marketing strategies. He said: “Local businesses need to understand how digital media can help elevate sales and profit while requiring very little initial investment. The biggest challenge they face is building their reputation as credible and professional businesses. Online presence and the use of modern media will help in establishing the professional image.”

After a year of strenuous technical development, Popcatch is about to launch its anticipated digital marketing system into the world of local businesses. A sales website will coincide the launch where interested local business owners and managers can learn more and sign their business up. As part of its focus on quality businesses, Popcatch is available by application or invitation only. For further information about the process, visit


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Daily deals and advertising help local businesses gain new customers. Popcatch helps entice these customers to come back often. It is a unique and innovative service that helps local businesses engage their customers using a mobile web app, website widget and email marketing. Popcatch is a joint collaboration of trendis Labs and AAN Pharmacies.
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