Monday, July 6th, 2009

Australian online retailing is fragmented and has poorly understood unique characteristics., Austrlia's newest upstart is well placed to address these issues. A starting point for online retailers, retailers wanting to go online, corporates trying to understand the online channel and anyone interested in online selling with an Australian perspective.

Endorsed by some of Australia's top internet retailing sites, is a concept which focuses on the unique issues and exciting challenges facing internet retailing in Australia as well as case studies, success stories, business analysis and critical success factors that are required to succeed in online retailing. The site's intention is to bring the Australian internet retailing community together. Online retailers, multi channel retailers, vendors, consultants and anyone interested in the online retailing space will benefit from this site.

The site is just a starting point for so much more, a meeting of knowledge, minds, vendors and services, a starting place for everything relating to online retailing.

Contact Profile is the work of Mark Freidin, ecommerce/systems implementer and online marketer and Nathan Huppatz, Australian online retailing veteran and owner of numerous web and media sites.

It features commentary by us as well as carefully selected relevant content from a broad variety of Australian and international contributors and sources.
The concept of this site came about in 2006 when Mark started to notice how the UK and American markets had embraced online retailing effectively. Furthermore there were internet retailing websites representing the channel that sprung up first in the USA (ten years ago to be exact) and then in the UK (approximately four years ago), both becoming extremely popular.

Research indicated that a high percentage of Australian users had access to the internet and broadband prices had were dropping and there was a rapid rise in the uptake of broadband. Furthermore there were already some successful multi department online retailers. There was evidence that online retailing could have a future in Australia.

We believe that online retailing in Australia can take off in a big way. We would also like to eliminate institutional paralysis that seems to exist in many businesses. From our experience, traditional retailers due to no fault of their own, just do not understand the online channel, and we hope to bridge this gap through information and education and discussion. We want to bring online retailers and vendors together at one central point.

Mark Freidin
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What the UK And US experts don't know about Internet Retailing in Australia


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