Friday, July 3rd, 2009
TRENTON, N.J. – Tektite Industries has made establishing a temporary landing zone for a helicopter an easy and inexpensive task for 15 years with its ELZ Strobe Kit™.

That same kind of ease is now available for fixed-wing aircraft landings in the Outback of Australia with Tektite's Landing Strip Light Kit™, which will be on display with its older cousin, the ELZ Strobe Kit, at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, WI starting July 27. The landing strip kit offers a safe way to illuminate expeditionary, unimproved, or temporary airstrips in the nighttime hours for VFR landings and takeoffs, for around $5,000, one-tenth the price of competing solutions.

The basic Landing Strip Light and Runway Kit™ includes 40 of Tektite’s LED-powered Landing Strip/Runway Lights – enough to illuminate up to a 4000-foot runway - in a wheeled, heavy-duty case. Mounted on spring-loaded, weighted bases to keep them upright in high winds and strong propeller wash, these LED boundary lights provide operators with long-lasting, powerful light, even in the most remote and infrastructure-poor areas. Bulb life is rated at more than 10,000 hours, and the military-tough lights will operate for over 20 hours on common alkaline batteries included with the equipment.

Like the Landing Strip Light™, the ELZ Strobe Kit™ brings reliability and cost-effectiveness to the task of landing MEDIVAC and other types of helicopters at any location. The kit, which includes a rugged case carrying five strobe lights mounted on weighted bases, as well as a pace-out line and instruction manuals, can easily be set up by a single person in the precious minutes prior to an emergency helicopter landing. After 15 years of production thousands of ELZ Strobe Kits are in service with emergency responders and governments across the world.

At a time when many commercial airports are converting illumination to LED-based lighting systems for reduced maintenance, power savings, and better performance, Tektite Industries’ The Landing Strip Light Kit™ and ELZ Strobe Kit™ offer the same benefits to pilots landing on temporary or unimproved landing zones.

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Tektite Industries, a leading manufacturer of LED lights, has lighting solutions for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft landing at unimproved Australian airstrips.


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