Saturday, September 17th, 2011
Regional Aussie company Eastmon Online are securing the future of their NSW photo manufacturing and retailing business today with the global launch of online Photo Book and Status Book Facebook Application, Winkiwoo.

“This is the first application of scale that allows users to easily grab and build books from Facebook statuses and photos. The books will be manufactured and shipped from our factory in Glen Innes, NSW Australia" said Brendon Watson, General Manager, Winkiwoo.

Winkiwoo was launched worldwide today by an entrepreneurial team from Glen Innes, NSW [Australia] has the power to change photo printing trends by allowing social media users to print their Facebook photos and statuses cheaply and easily into a book for the first time ever.

“It is a huge opportunity for the company that started as a fledgling photo printing business more than fifty years ago in regional NSW,” said Brendon. “We are bringing photo printing to an online generation that uses social media for so much of their photo sharing and we are doing it at a price everyone can afford.”

“We are taking e-retailing to a new extreme, and think that social retailing or f-retailing is a space that could be enormous for some industries and audiences”, he said.

Six months ago regional NSW photo business, Eastmon OnlineTM was closing the doors on the last of their 5 local photo development stores. But at the same time they stepped up their online commitment, planning every element of the products, services and processes required to make the launch of a industry-leading social media sales platform.

“The application itself has been developed by an experienced team with lot’s of planning. And it is reaching into a hot marketplace, where Internet purchases are no longer feared. The products are launching today at a compelling price of $1 for a 20 page soft cover 20X15cm book [valued at $15]. This bargain price will be available for a limited time only, using the coupon code “Winki1dollar”, said Brendon.

The offer is available in both AUD and USD.

Photo Books are still rapidly growing in the online space, but the WinkiwooTM launch takes our Internet retailing business global very fast,” said Brendon Watson, Winkiwoo’sTM General Manager. “There is no other application on FacebookTM that easily extracts photos from your Facebook page, and the FacebookTM pages of those of your Facebook friends and allows you to print them professionally through a simple web interface.”

And with more than 90 billion photos on Facebook, it should be exciting to watch the growth over coming weeks. The company has invested extensively in the software required to “slurp” photos, status and comments from Facebook pages with appropriate permissions, turning them into a range of WinkiwooTM Photo Books and Status Books with hard and soft covers, and in various sizes.

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Eastmon Online is the parent company behind WinkiwooTM. The Eastmon Group pioneered the world’s first photo minilab in Australia. The Eastmon Group also pioneered software networks and solutions to bring cutting edge on demand personalised products in the online retail environment. WinkiWoo is the next evolution of the company’s market leading strategies with social media.
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