Friday, September 16th, 2011
Beta Release of is now live and free for anyone looking to create an article for online publication.

From our research there are millions of online articles written every single day, but there are no tools that assist with the writing process.

"We imagined a world where writer's block was a thing of the past, and created a new reality by reducing the average time taken to create a 600 word article from over an hour to under 15 minutes," says Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director of Article Writer HQ and developer of the HyperQuestion approach.

"This unique article writing approach assists you build the logic in your article, create ideal paragraph structure and delivers an appropriate level of keyword density."

The beta site has now been used to generate over 100 articles on topics as wide ranging as Tennis Coaching and Term of Life Insurance.

We are very excited by this entirely new approach to writing documents and have been encouraged by the success of Business Planning HQ, the first highly complex implementation of HyperQuestions.

We are already experiencing the viral nature of this tool with support and recommendations coming from across the globe.

"The HyperQuestion approach is an experiential approach where every user goes through a unique journey" says Marcus Tarrant

Article Writer HQ is a free tool and we expect that the viral nature of the tool and its free use, will drive usage to over 1,000 articles created every single day.

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Article Writer HQ

Articlewriter HQ has been developed to reduce the time taken to write an article for web publication on sites such as articlesbase, ezinearticles and tens of thousands of others. The article created using this tool will have a keyword density that is optimised for google (approx 3%) and will include appropriate tags and links to your website for SEO purposes.

The tool has been designed to reduce the time it takes to author articles of 400-700 words on any topic. Research indicates the tool can reduce the time taken to write a 600 word article from 1 hour to just over 10 minutes whilst simulaneously improving the quality.
Marcus Tarrant
P: 03 9005 9710
M: 0404029835

A genuine advancement in the acceleration and virtualisation of consulting services.

HyperQuestions offer a new way for non-experts to create expert level logic and documentation. Every HyperQuestion Toolkit guides the user to meet the exact requirements of their target audience.
Marcus Tarrant
P: 03 9005 9710
M: 0404029835


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