Friday, September 16th, 2011
Every holiday season brings a new popular toy and this year will be no exception. Children are returning back to basics with Lalaloopsy Dolls, also known as Bitty Buttons. These adorable rag dolls are available in different colours and styles. Parents are sure to find a Lalaloopsy Doll that will appeal to the unique personality of their child.

Toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment has included a fun backstory for the Lalaloopsy Dolls creation. The little rag Bitty Buttons Dolls came to life with magic and their personalities were fashioned by the colourful fabrics used to sew the dolls together.

Bitty Buttons come with a sweet pet to match and children have ten different Lalaloopsy rag dolls to choose from.

Peanut Big Top is dressed in an outfit made from colourful clown fabrics. She likes to make her friends happy and comes with a pet elephant. Her brilliant purple hair and stripped stockings will bring children’s imaginations to life.

Lalaloopsy Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff was created from an Eskimo scarf and arrives with her fluffy pet polar bear.

Bea Spells-A-Lot was stitched from a young girl’s school uniform. She follows the rules and comes with a wise pet owl. Creative children will adore the Bitty Buttons doll Spot Splatter Splash who was sewn from a pair of painter’s overalls. She has a red stripped pet zebra and both are spattered in blue paint.

The explorer Lalaloopsy doll is named Dot Starlight and she was stitched from an astronaut’s space suit. She adores science and has her own pet bird.

Crumbs Sugar Cookie will appeal to children who love to cook. She was sewn from a baker’s apron and arrives with a pet mouse. The Lalaloopsy Doll Jewel Sparkles is meant for little princesses. She was stitched from an actual princess’ dress and her pet is a pretty Persian cat.

Pillow FeatherBed was created from small sections of a baby’s blanket. She loves to sleep and eat milk and cookies. Her pet is a fluffy sheep.

Tippy Tumblelina is a dancer who was sewn from a ballerina’s tutu. Her pet is a swan who dances with her. Last, is Lalaloopsy Doll Blossom Flowerpot she is a gardener and was stitched from a gardener’s gloves. Children will love her pet butterfly and she wears a bright green dress with orange shoes.

Parents should consider ordering a Lalaloopsy Doll early this holiday season to make sure that their child receives one of this year’s most popular toys.

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