Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Businesses are so used to email being, well, just email, and not integrated with their business processes that they assume that’s just the way it is or has to be. They don’t realise how great it would be to have email integrated with the software they actually run their business on.

Happen have had this ‘EUREKA!’ moment, and we have managed to capture and tame email to make it work for you.

Imagine this: every business has [email protected] and [email protected] email addresses, most also have contacts like [email protected] [email protected] and so on.

What if...
[email protected] emails could create and attach themselves to a Quote, creating a virtual paper trail?
[email protected] emails logged a support ticket in your system, ready for your technicians/helpdesk to look after?
[email protected] and other business related emails are available and can be addressed companywide, accessed from right there in your business system…?

No other business system does this - Jim2 Version 3.2 does.

All business email correspondence, sales, quoting, purchasing automatgically integrated into your business system. Yes, I said automagically – it really is magic how it just works.

So when can I get it? We’re in the final stages, testing, documentation and a bit more polish, and we have the largest number of real live testing sites we have ever had for a version. We haven’t set a date but expect to see it in the upcoming weeks...


Most ERP software supports emailing out – for example, emailing invoices or statements. What makes Jim V3.2 unique is that it handles not only sending, but receiving and actioning emails – in short, full email integration.

Full email integration means that emails can not only relate generally to a customer or a supplier, but to a particular support ticket, quote or purchase order. Let me explain why we decided to add this and what it means for you:

We asked clients what they needed most from their business software, and amongst other things they told us that managing helpdesk and support was a major headache. We had the exact same issue ourselves – hours are wasted every day copying notes from emails into jobs, entering CRM details and so on. We realised that if we had the problem, and our customers had the problem, that maybe there was something bigger we needed to address to streamline workflow and expedite processes even more.

Imagine this for managed print services: Copier machines can already automatically email a contact when they have a problem (such as needing servicing or toner). Jim2 V3.2 can then take that email, look at where it came from and what it’s referring to, and then automatically create a service ticket that appears as part of your normal workflow. No sweat, no human error, all documented and ready for you to act on without you lifting a finger.

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Happen Business Pty Limited ("Happen") is a private company founded in Australia, to commercialise, develop and sell the mission critical business application (including a back-office accounting system) known as Jim2 Business Engine.

Jim2 Business Engine ("Jim2") is the core product in our line of business software. Although Jim2 includes a full accounting back-end, it's primary focus is to provide a front-end interface to manage Business Workflow, Business Processes and to provide a Quality System framework.
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Jim2 Business Engine is a unique, Australian designed and developed software application – able to manage the entire business cycle for companies that offer sales, services, light manufacturing or any combination of these to the consumer.


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