Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Sesame Street has thrilled generation of children, with its colorful television characters and educational entertainment. Now Hasbro has introduced an entire line of Sesame Street toys, aimed for young children. With the holiday season fast approaching, now's the time to take a look at all the fun and excitement Hasbro has planned with their new line of toys created for girls and boys everywhere.

The lovable Elmo is unequivocally Sesame Street's most popular character. Girls and boys of all ages wanted to see more Elmo toys and by popular demand, Hasbro has created Elmo Let's Rock. "Let's Rock Elmo!" is a cry that will be heard on Christmas morning as kids everywhere unwrap their rocking Elmo toys. The musical Elmo comes complete with his very own microphone, tambourine and drum set toys. Elmo sings six cool tunes and is powered by six AA batteries.

The special feature that makes this stand out from other Elmo toys is in the interaction. Elmo is one smart Sesame Street Character. When given his microphone, tambourine or drum set, he recognizes the instrument and performs his musical rendition on cue.

Not surprisingly, other Sesame Street toys are on the horizon from Hasbro, while others have already hit toy shelves this year. Kids have been eating up the Count 'N Crunch Cookie Monster. He comes complete with tasty pretend cookies and can make counting fun for little ones.

Sesame Street Play Set offers hours of playtime fun and is available at toy and department stores. A mini collectible Oscar and Elmo two-pack won't sit on the shelf for long, when the little ones catch a glimpse of these lovable moppets.

Bert and Ernie are back, and Hasbro has them. These colorful characters are also available as a cute twosome. Not to be outdone, the Sesame Street School Bus and Oscar's Garbage Truck are rolling into toy stores this Christmas as well. Grover's got his little red firetruck and Talking Abby Cadabby is in fine plush form, made for cudding.

Whether choosing the ever-popular Elmo toys, or the extensive line of Sesame Street toys, it's going to be a fun-filled Sesame Street Christmas this year.

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