Friday, July 3rd, 2009
Brisbane, Australia -- The recent certification of Queensland Health’s Patient Safety and Quality Executive Committee to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management represents a move forward for the healthcare sector.

The Committee plays a critical role in the monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the Queensland Health clinical governance framework, advising the Director-General and Executive Management Team on all matters relating to patient safety, quality and effectiveness and promoting improvement in healthcare.

Increasingly, government and other major business organisations will deal only with other ISO 9001 Quality Certified organisations. Now, the certification of this highly influential committee sets the benchmark for other health sector boards and committees throughout Australia.

“With healthcare organisations and bureaucracies now subject to unprecedented levels of scrutiny, the move to quality certification offers a valuable additional layer of accountability, transparency and risk management,” said Tony Scotton, CEO of SAI Global, the Certification Body for the QLD Health Committee’s certification.

Mr Scotton presented the certificate to Michael Reid, Director-General of Queensland Health.

“The fact that this key department has opened itself up to external scrutiny and assessment at Board level is a demonstration of real leadership and testimony that the best organisational cultures are shaped from above,” he said.

“A lot of similar groups have really sat up and taken notice following this certification,” said SAI Global’s QLD Business Development Manager, Chris Cavallaro.

“The possibilities and benefits offered to healthcare organisations by the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard are now entering the spotlight. We are already seeing increased interest and we expect this to continue as the word spreads.”

Dr Maarten Kamp, Chair of the Queensland Health Patient Safety and Quality Executive Committee, said that gaining ISO certification was a major achievement.

“As a committee focused on the use of quality management systems to ensure safer and better patient health outcomes, it is important that we can demonstrate our commitment. The committee will continue to ‘practise what we preach’ and strive to continuously improve.”

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ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 Standard for Quality Management is the world's best recognised management system framework. Over one million organisations around the world are ISO 9001 certified.

It requires an organisation to pay systematic attention to every aspect of its operations and set in place processes that ensure its specified goals and aims can be achieved in practice. A strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are features of ISO 9001 certified organizations. The Standard is applicable to all industry sectors.

Once a management system is implemented, it can be assessed by an independent, third party certification body to ensure that it meets its stated aims and is in accordance with the requirements of the Standard.


Quality certification for QLD Health


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