Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Elmo, that little red, furry monster, continues to be the timeless Sesame Street favorite of preschoolers. With this in mind, Hasbro has recently released Elmo Lets Rock, a new and exciting Elmo toy that is sure to appeal to preschool fans and be a popular gift option this Christmas.

Elmo Lets Rock features an interactive Elmo that sings and plays musical instruments. This Elmo toy comes with a microphone, tambourine, and drum set, all of which are programmed with classic Rock and Roll songs that both Elmo and children can play. If a child is playing an instrument, Elmo is able to recognize the song and then play and sing along. Television advertisements are promoting the Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard, Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar and Let’s Rock Grover Microphone as complements to Elmo Lets Rock. All of these toys are able to coordinate with one another, allowing for more interaction by children.

For the parent looking for the perfect Elmo toy to give this Christmas, Elmo Lets Rock is the perfect choice. Not only will the gift-opening preschooler be excited to see her favorite monster, but also, parents can feel good knowing that they are giving a gift that will promote intellectual stimulation, help a child learn some basic music fundamentals, and encourage interaction and movement as the child is sure to be singing, playing and dancing along with this Elmo toy. As an added bonus, Elmo Lets Rock is destined to provide entertainment for all as parents and other friends and family members watch their little ones become instant rock stars in their own homes.

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