Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
If you have a hot new product, it makes no sense to place it on a rack or shelf and make customers find it themselves. With modular display shelving, they don't have to. This is a type of modular mounting that you put near the front of your store to showcase new, popular or trendy items. The customer should not have to walk very far into your store to be able to find this type of product, otherwise they may give up and go elsewhere.

Demodeck 2040 Modular Display

The Demodeck 2040 modular display is a whole new way for retailers to get customers to see their products. With this innovate product, there is room for expansion and growth with the display itself, meaning that you don't have to invest in that later. This display has a clamp which is capable of holding weight up to approximately 175 pounds or 80 kilograms. This allows the store owner to place wood or glass shelves or other methods of support near the unit, but the support remains invisible to the customer. To their eyes, the store display is suspended in mid air just showing off your latest products.

Benefits of the Demodeck 2040

Prior to the introduction of this new form of modular shelving, changing store displays often meant a huge investment in time and money. Displays were complicated enough that only professionals with the right tools could operate them properly. The Demodeck 2040 greatly simplifies the process of displaying the most sought-after merchandise.

As a store owner, you have the ability to change your display and the whole look of your store in minutes. In today's technology driven society, your merchandise and your displays need to be up to the minute to capitalize on sales from people looking for the latest and greatest electronics and other merchandise. The possibilities are endless with the Demodeck 2040, making it possible for you to change your design as frequently as consumers change their minds.

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