Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Babies are the most beautiful thing in the world. Their eyes, their smile, their laugh, their soft skin, and their tiny fingers and toes are all so irresistible. Because they are such special little creatures, we want to give them the best that we possibly can. And because we adore everything they do, we keep a record of those milestones in their lives, whether big or small.

One of the most rewarding experiences that a mother will ever have is seeing her baby's first steps. Learning to walk is such a big thing for little babies that you would want to buy them a cute little pair of shoes to match their cute little feet. Here are some guidelines you need to be wary of when buying baby's first shoes:

1. Comfort is key

Your baby will not care what brand her shoes are. As long as they are comfortable and keep her feet protected, baby will be happy.

2. Material matters

Get baby-shoes that have soft and slip-proof soles. The material should also be bendable to make sure that the shoes allow baby's feet to move freely.

3. Size is precise

Babies grow up so fast. Their growth spurt can literally be overwhelming. Get them a pair of shoes that are just right for their feet size. They will outgrow it sooner than later, so you need to get another pair. It is never a good idea to buy bigger shoes and letting your baby grow into them. It will be very uncomfortable and cause a lot of slips and falls.

4. Smile for style

Design should never be the first factor to take into consideration but as babies are very visual, it it would not hurt to get baby's approval when buying shoes. When you take baby girl to a store, choose several designs that you think she might like. A smile will usually mean that she is happy with your choice. Baby boy will also love you for picking a nice little number for his feet.

Baby shoes need not be expensive to be of good quality. Do not just buy the first pair you see because it "looks" like it is high quality. A test drive will never hurt anyone. In fact, baby will be thankful for it. Shopping for baby's first pair of shoes is always fun. It is not always easy. It takes a while to find the perfect pair, but it is always worth the wait. Shoe shopping should be an activity that you do together as a family. Let the little one try pair after pair of shoes at the store and see how happy he is walking around in all the different choices.

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