Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. June 29th, 2009: Perth software house, Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd. ("APTECH") today announced General Availability of V2.2.0 of its Privileged User Manager ® ("PUM") Client software.

PUM provides users with the first, commercial-strength administrator account (super user) monitoring, management and auditing package for UNIX and Linux based systems, that is available at no greater a cost than a supported version of the open source alternatives. The software is sold and supported worldwide by Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd., its strategic partner - Open Systems Management (“OSM”) - and authorized resellers.

PUM allows end user organizations to centrally manage, monitor and audit the use of super user accounts, providing an indelible audit trail of all activity. The new version of the web browser based PUM Client software now provides these super users with the ability to concurrently manage multiple systems through the same user interface.

Neil Chaney, CEO of Applecross Technologies said, "Systems administrators have sometimes baulked at restrictions imposed on them by security and compliance managers. The new PUM Client software now provides those administrators with additional capabilities not provided by standard UNIX and Linux operating systems. The new software will allow them to perform their jobs with greater efficiency, and to decrease error rates."

The new PUM Client software provides an authorized user with concurrent privileged access to any number of managed servers through the same intuitive web browser based user interface. Without PUM installed, systems administrators of UNIX and Linux based systems typically have to bring up a separate window for each system they are managing. In large sites, it is not unusual for a technician to be working with tens of windows open, with the resultant possibility that a command is entered for the wrong server. If an administrator requires a command to be entered into multiple systems, then it has to be entered separately into each window in turn.

Chaney went on to say, "PUM provides a modern, intuitive web browser user interface that allows a privileged user to invoke a command against a single Managed Server, to all Managed Servers, or to any chosen subset of Managed Servers in the same multi-tab interface. In each case the command will only be allowed if that user is allowed to invoke that command on that Managed Server at that time. All the traffic to all the Managed Servers is then centrally audited.”
Because the command is only issued once against a chosen subset of Managed Servers, the chance of erroneously issuing the command to the wrong server is reduced, and the time taken to manage multiple Managed Servers is significantly less than using traditional methods.

Chaney concluded, “Security and compliance managers often find it difficult to cost-justify additional spend, as proving a Return on Investment (RoI) is not always easy. PUM is now both inexpensive and a productivity enhancer, making that justification considerably easier. "

The software is offered on an annual subscription license basis only, and the annual fee includes the license, support and all upgrades. Pricing is set at US$1.00 per system per day, or US$365 per system per year. Discounts are provided for volume purchases.

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Applecross Technologies (APTECH) - a privately held company, founded in 2005 and based out of Perth in Western Australia - develops and markets low cost, high quality security management software for UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems. The software is supported worldwide out of offices in Perth, the UK and Seattle, WA, USA, and by a growing number of resellers.
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New security software product for UNIX and Linux based computers adds functionality to concurrently manage multiple systems using the same web browser based user interface, while improving security, auditing and legislative compliance.


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