Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

After mass renovations, the new studios and self-testing room are almost complete at Screenwise Film and TV Acting School in Sydney. One of the more exciting outcomes of the renovations is the creation of a fully equipped self-testing studio where actors who wish to audition for overseas productions can film and transmit their work. This opportunity gives Australian actors the chance to compete for roles that would not usually be available or easily obtainable to them. The renovations will be completed by mid-September 2011; for more information on the self testing room please contact the Screenwise office.

While applying the finishing touches to the new space, Screenwise is also currently auditioning for the 2 Year Diploma of Screen Acting and the Screenwise Showreel Course. Auditions opened on 1st September 2011 and will close on 1st November 2011, for a February 2012 intake.

The 2 Year Full-Time Diploma of Screen Acting is the first of its kind in Australia. The Government accredited course was established in 2011 after Denise Roberts, CEO of Screenwise and renowned Australian actress, recognised the need for a Screen Acting specific full-time Diploma course.

The Diploma focuses on the particular skills and knowledge required for acting on screen, which includes post-production. It provides acting students with intense training and mentorship from some of Australia's most elite actors, directors and casting consultants. All tutors are current industry working professionals.

The course is comprised of 14 Units of Core Subjects and One Elective, giving students the opportunity to excel in their preferred area. The duration of the course is 1380 hours, delivered in 20 hours per week, over a two-year full-time program.

Based on the 'Roberts Method', the Course is a mixture of industry experience and professionalism with strong academic elements. Students are exposed to industry working professionals who are in the position to offer them the best and most up-to-date advice available. Current Screenwise tutors include award winning actors, Nicholas Hope, Anthony Wong, Denise Roberts, Terry Serio, Martin Dingle Wall, Katherine Hicks and Road Train director, Dean Francis.

With the decline of theatre work for actors in Australia and the increase of quality local film and television productions, acting for screen is a vital skill that all actors should develop. The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) statistics show that 85% of an actor's career-long income will be derived from television, which is why Screenwise chose to dedicate their services to providing actors with the specialised skills to not only meet the demands of today's Film and Television industry but also the opportunity to succeed as a reputable actor both nationally and internationally.

Highly regarded actors that have walked through the Screenwise doors include Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Todd Lasance, Samantha Noble, Andy Whitfield and Tabrett Bethell.

For students not ready or available to commit to a 2 year, full-time course, the Screenwise Showreel Course is one of the most popular courses and is also currently auditioning. The Showreel Course is designed for students wanting to take the next step to becoming a professional actor but who are not in the position to attend an intensive course such as the Diploma.

The course equips actors with an expert showreel, shot on location by professional directors, which is then passed on to the major Casting Agencies in Australia. This level of exposure for an actor is second to none. While studying at Screenwise, past Screenwise Showreel students have obtained acting roles in productions such as Rescue, Crownies, Packed to the Rafters and more.

Screenwise is Australia's leading Film and Television School for Actors and also offers a wide range of short and long-term drama courses tailored to suit beginners to advanced actors. For information on entry requirements, how to apply and fee structure, please contact the Screenwise office. Auditions are required for both the 2 Year Diploma of Screen Acting and the Screenwise Showreel Course and audition applications close on 1st November 2011.

91506NSW Diploma of Screen Acting. RTO provider code 91699. VET FEE-HELP Approved for eligible students





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