Sunday, September 11th, 2011
lifetiles108 is a unique deck of cards created to synchronise with your intuitive energy and access the power of inner guidance; each card has a message of encouragement, revelation, insight or an answer attuned to your personal situation.

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Lifetiles 108

Lifetiles108 was intuitively created to be a contemporary, user-friendly yet effective method of guidance designed for our fast evolving modern world. It's appeal has expanded to a wide variety of professional and mainstream individuals who are discovering, for the first time, an alternative path for seeking answers and directions for their life’s purpose. It allows you to develop a communication link to your intuition and help you gain insight into your personal instinctive knowledge; something we all possess but often ignore in our busy lives. Whether you require direction in a certain matter, towards a goal or just seeking your true path in life, you will appreciate its simple and easy to understand technique. The gentle, positive guidance allows individuals to seek alternative perspectives so that they may fulfil their highest potential.
Emanuela Pannone
P: 0419317023


Intuitive guidance card deck



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