Sunday, September 11th, 2011
Online toy store will now be offering consumers the quality and detailed SIKU brand, which manufactures die-cast toy vehicles.

The SIKU vehicles are currently built by Sieper Lüdenscheid GmbH & Co. KG, a German company originated by Richard Sieper, which started out by constructing metal tools, belt buckles and medals. In 1950 the company started creating toys and developed the brand SIKU. The name is an abbreviation from the company’s founder along with Kunststoffe, which is the German word for plastic.

In 1958, SIKU became valuable to collectors with an exclusive line of plastic vehicles. Today, the company manufactures die-cast collectible vehicles with over 230 different models for consumers to choose from and an additional 100 models that are detailed with special international colors and prints.

Vehicle choices include a four wheel loader, car transporter and a hydraulic excavator. Children who are ages five and up are sure to spend hours of playtime with each meticulously designed item. Children can engage their imaginations and SIKU vehicles are durable enough for even the most creative child. Also, SIKU wheels are welded firmly to the axles of each vehicle and the tires are manufactured out of rubber to construct a toy that will hold up through rough play.

A great number of SIKU toys are built as a set to enhance a child’s creativeness with additional toys for interaction. This feature also encourages children to play together with sharing and cooperation.

Consumers who purchase SIKU brand toys from will enjoy fast shipping along with Eparcel tracking and a 12 month warranty. Additionally, the toy website offers a 30 day money back guarantee and consumers are sure to feel comfortable with these added protections.

SIKU toys are meant to be played with, from the front loader with the bucket that moves, to the car with doors that open and close.

With the holiday season fast approaching, a SIKU vehicle or complete set would certainly be a popular and beloved toy for any child to receive.

SIKU brand die-cast vehicles have pulled ahead of the competition with the company’s attention to detail and quality merchandise. Their product is meant for careful collectors to accumulate for a unique display, or for rambunctious children in need of an energy outlet. Despite the SIKU vehicle’s recipient, the durability and longevity of this product will keep it around for many years.

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