Sunday, September 11th, 2011
The public demands and merchants oblige with New Smurfs Toys.

Playdex, an online Australian toy store, is proud to announce that they now have Smurfs toys that will make any Smurf lover grin.

The Smurfs have been a beloved favourite since Belgian cartoonist; Pierre Culliford created the loveable blue creatures in 1958. They debuted on Belgium television in black and while in 1965, and soon made their way to colour in thirty countries. Kids and adults alike couldn’t resist the comic styling of Jokey Smurf, or the antics of Clumsy Smurf; and they soon became a cartoon sensation.

The recent debut of the new movie, The Smurfs (2011), has again given rise to a whole new generation of Smurf lovers; and has the Smurfs going where they have never been before. In this newest film that stars an abundance of successful actors, the Smurfs get chased out of their village by Gargamel the evil wizard, only to end up in New York City. In the middle of Central Park in Manhattan, the Smurfs face the daunting task of finding their way out of The Big Apple, and back to Smurfdom before Gargamel catches up. This is the first in this planned trilogy and it was so popular with new smurfers that it made over 13.3 million dollars on it opening day in July. This tremendous popularity has led people to once again begin smurfing out Smurfs toys, much like they did thirty years ago.

Playdex has a variety of Smurfs toys that ship right to your door. There are mega block play sets, adventure Smurfs toys, figurines, and plush dolls that are sure to please any fan. The thing that is great about Playdex, is that their passion is toys. They know that the service they provide puts smiles on the faces of people all over Australia, and they work hard to make sure that smile is what is synonymous with their name.

They offer their buyers secure shopping, and a full 30 day money back guarantee that other merchants simply can’t beat. Playdex is truly your one stop, no hassle spot to obtain everything smurfy. Visit the following link to see what Smurfs toys they have to offer, and remember, at Playdex, they make smiles happen:


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