Saturday, September 10th, 2011
Fashion for girls is surprisingly sophisticated this fall. Companies such as Sierra Julian are modeling this season’s children’s line after similarly made adult clothing. This look suits most children, giving them an air of glamour with fabrics that have practicality necessary for childhood.

• The most striking pieces of girls clothes from Sierra Julian are ruffled dresses, ruffled tops and tights or leggings. Girl’s fashion this fall tends to be bold, with saturated colors and busy prints. Belting at the waist gives the dresses is a common theme.
• Many designers are eco conscious, such as LamanBlue and Ecozini while many of the mainstream designers are in to faux fur and faux leather, which is better than using the real thing.
• Poufy ballet type skirts with co-coordinating t-shirts are all the rage, as are A-line dresses with bows on the shoulders.
• Leggings of all colors are a must-have piece of clothing, along with long waisted dresses and bell bottom jeans.
Color themes for girls
• Colors this season seem to be muted mono-chrome colors such as charcoal and beige sometimes paired with orange, purple and other vibrant colors.
• Styles seem to have either the muted, sedate style or the punchy, printed pieces, although many designers are combining elements of both.

Dressing in Style

Fashions are expected to cost a bit more than usual due to the extra attention children’s fashion is receiving as of late. Dressing kids in “the” best styles is all the rage and accordingly, it will cost to keep up with the trends.


• Vests are in this season for outerwear. Both boys and girls are sporting vests this season.
• A hot seller from Tiffany Talbot for boys is a dark brown, one piece, easy on; easy off down coat with what looks like a fleece vest underneath.
• Outstanding girls outwear is made of faux fur this season. It has been dubbed “Bohemian” or “Hippie”, while designer Sophie Jaworski has dubbed it “Peacock.” This wrap is fun yet fashionable.


• Shoes for the fall include boots from the knee to mid-calf. Boots are suede, black and print.
• Rain boots in lively colors and prints add fashion to practicality.
• Ballet flats are a girl’s best friend. They are worn with everything from jeggings to dressy dresses.

Boys’ fashion

This fall boy's clothes fashion sees the return of the 1980’s grunge trend.

• Black faux leather jackets, messy hair, graphic tees and the skull motif round out this retro look.
Luckily not all boys or designers are fixated on this look.
• Designers such as Calvin Klein and Armani have classic type button down and not-button down shirts with either dark colors alternating in patterns or light blues, whites and beiges in plaid and stripes.

Fashion for every day

• Outdoorsy clothing with hunter green is high on the list of demands this fall and cargo pants are still in fashion as well as sweater vests and cardigan sweaters in plain colors as well as print.
• Argyle vests seem to be on the way to making a "maybe" fashion comeback.

Nerdy seems to be the fall fashion word. Thick, black rimmed glasses, sweater vests and ties all add up to the fashionable return of the nerds.

Boy’s footwear

• Classic deck shoes and loafers
• Suede boots
• Chuck Taylor tennis shoes

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