Monday, September 12th, 2011

In the six months to June 2011, Virgin recorded its third consecutive increase in Mobile Phone Service Provider Satisfaction, with 81% of Australians aged 14+ being either “Very” or “Fairly” satisfied. Telstra also continued to improve, with marginal improvements in customer satisfaction to 66%.

Optus (71%) and 3 (69%) recorded slight declines but were still above the stable industry average (68%). Vodafone’s customer satisfaction declined again to 61%.

Mobile Phone Service Provider Customer Satisfaction

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Source: Roy Morgan Single Source  (July 2010 - June 2011). Total main user of at least one mobile phone and gave provider (n=14,497). “% Satisfied” refers to the proportion of all customers who are “Very” or “Fairly” satisfied with their overall service with that  mobile phone service provider (on a five point scale). Total industry figure excludes those who ‘can’t say’ their provider. NOTE: Satisfaction score is provided by the respondent for the brand that the respondent has a relationship with.

Andrew Braun, Director Mobile, Internet and Technology, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Additional Roy Morgan Research data shows that the overall number of customers who have switched from one provider to another has declined since December 2010 (with only 12% having switched in the six months to June 2011, compared to 13.4% who switched in the six months to December 2010).

“The ongoing industry trends of stable customer satisfaction and a decline in overall churn will be welcome news to a number of players in the industry.”

Roy Morgan's Mobile Phone Service Provider Customer Satisfaction Report provides an indication of overall customer satisfaction trends starting from August 2009 for Mobile Service Providers within Australia with further analysis by post-paid and pre- paid customers, reporting only on companies with sample of at least 100 in each year.

For a more detailed understanding of customers of Mobile Phone Service Providers - the following are available -  Virgin, Optus, 3 and Telstra and Vodafone Mobile Phone Service Provider Profiles. These profiles provide a broad understanding of the customers, in terms of demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage in Australia.

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Mobile Phone Service Providers - the following are available - Virgin, Optus, 3 and Telstra and Vodafone Mobile Phone Service Provider Profiles



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