Friday, September 9th, 2011
The Australian Information Industry Association today announced the launch of the Digital Hubs Directory to showcase Australian technology innovation in NBN early release sites.

The announcement follows the formal launch of the Digital Hubs Program by Senator Stephen Conroy, an initiative designed to assist local residents to improve their digital literacy skills and demonstrate the benefits of high-speed broadband to communities as they are connected to fibre infrastructure.

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy is making $13.6 million available in grant funding to establish a Digital Hub in each of the first 40 communities to benefit from the NBN.

“The Digital Hubs Directory will provide government and local communities with direct access to a register of leading technology services enabled by high-speed broadband as early release sites are set up,” said AIIA CEO Suzanne Campbell.

“Experience is the best way for people to understand the potential that high-speed broadband offers. It’s not just about play: this is infrastructure that helps people to live, learn and earn.”

“AIIA is supporting the Digital Hubs program because the ICT industry will deliver that experience. The Digital Hubs Directory is open to every company in the Australian ICT industry,” Suzanne said.

Any ICT company meeting the criteria will be included and registrations are now open through the Directory website:

Digital Hubs will emphasise broadband benefits to citizens in four key areas: health, education, business and in the home. The Digital Hubs Directory will initially register broadband-enabled solutions that align with one of these key areas, with the range of themes likely to expand in the future.

As the NBN reaches early release sites, Hub Applicants, such as local councils, libraries, and community groups, will bid for the establishment of a Digital Hub in their area. The Digital Hubs Directory will provide the opportunity for applicants to choose initiatives from Australian vendors to showcase in their communities.

“ICT companies who register early will have high visibility with governments and community groups and set the benchmark for the digital experience in Australia,” Suzanne concluded.

“With 40 regions involved, it’s a fantastic opportunity for ICT firms to engage directly with the marketplace and for local communities to understand the benefits of world class applications from Australian technology innovators.”

The Directory was initiated in response to a commitment between DBCDE and AIIA which is documented in a recent MoU.


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AIIA launches Digital Hubs Directory



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