Thursday, September 8th, 2011
With attention turning towards ‘2012’, Tresor Paris has produced the Les Couleurs collection with warmth and friendship in mind.

Inspired by 2012, each colourful crystal bracelet represents a ring from the iconic friendship flag.
The orange Lever bracelet –is made of 9 handpicked bright orange crystals with 2 magnetite stones. Just as appealing, the Soleil bracelet has a bright warm feel just like the name suggests - made up of 9 yellow handpicked crystals and 2 magnetite stones.

All named after French towns, the collection is complimented by the lilac Grasse, the light blue crystal
Choisy, the deep blue crystal Perpignan and introducing the Cognac bracelet made up of 9 gold handpicked
crystals and 2 magnetite stones finished with a cream
Tibetan cord.

Tresor Paris will also be launching 7 new collections this September with each collection inspired by the future and space; hence the names Cygnus, Alpheratz,Neptune, Andromeda, Moon, Triton and the aptly
named Les Petits children collection. All bracelets are hand-finished with a matching colour Tibetan cord giving the bracelets a spiritual feel with 2 added magnetite stones that are believed to be good for recovery, advantageous for asthma sufferers as well as
being good for the skin.

The new collections will be showcased at the IJL Exhibition Earls Court 2 from September 4-7 at stand I-49 As well as available online at

For further information please contact:
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Tresor Paris

Tresor Paris - The renowned niche boutique Hasbani, located in the heart of London’s diamond district “Hatton Garden”. Popularly famed for their wholesale of diamonds, created a reproduction of their Parisian inspired bracelets in a more affordable way for everyone. Thus eventually leading to this exquisite Crystal collection, Tresor Paris. Maurice Lousky and Sam Hasbani created a brand that bridges the gap between diamonds and luxury fashion jewellery.
Tresor Paris
P: 0203 355 4030

Tresor Paris Jewellery

Maurice spent most of his childhood in Paris working in his family’s diamond business. Maurice’s entrepreneurship was visible from the ripe age of 15, showing through his various investments, it was then very obvious that it would not be long before creating his own empire. From his early leadership in the family diamond business, to his current leadership, to this new brand Tresor Paris, which has been inspired by his appreciation for the beauty of his home city.

With emphasis on high quality, Tresor Paris biggest success is, creating a unique style of elegance mixed with a touch of boho.

Tresor Paris appeals to everyone, whatever their age. In May 2011 the brand launched a chic children's collection; Little TP is in line with its rule "for everybody, without exception, from 7 to 77". Also in the pipeline is Tresor Paris's move into watch-making and many other fashion projects.

Chelsi Crawford
P: 0203 355 4031


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