Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
In our youth we do not consider the distant future of twenty, thirty, or even fifty years. Time seems to change in some way from sauntering slowly by in our youth to the fast lane in adulthood. The years just really seem to pass by rapidly as you get older unless you benchmark time with enjoyable moments. Looking back to our daily lives and personal adventures there will be many notable experiences as we view them in hindsight. If we take pictures we build a link to the past to enjoy those moments again.

Throughout our lives we will meet thousands of people from all walks of life and we will become friends with many people. Taking pictures of friends, family, and memorable adventures is a keen way to preserve your legacy and benchmark time. Photo books are a great way to display our photographic treasures!

Perhaps, we will find a meaningful career and remain in that employment for many decades. On the other hand, it is quite likely that our employment and circumstances will change many times. Taking photographs of your workplace, where you spend the better part of your conscious day, will remind you of where you made a contribution to a team, project, or had an educational experience. It is where you contributed your time and energy. This is part of your life’s adventure. A pictorial history of our lives becomes quite meaningful as we look back through time to those early years and the direction our lives have followed. Chronological photo books arranged to mark important segments of our lives become a treasure of family history and a source of genealogy. Photo books take oral traditions beyond family lore.

The most important memories as we walk down the path of life are those of our family and friends. We shall reflect back from the distant future to when our children were young and reminisce about the experiences that are shared. As our children have children of their own they will want copies of their early childhood to share within their own families. This is a great way to build positive dynamics within the home and establish family traditions. Photo books are a wonderful gift to share family memories!

There is even evidence that providing pictures in a chronological method provides a therapy for those suffering in the early stages of memory loss with Alzheimers disease. It was discovered that photographic recall appears to be a very good mental exercise indeed. Reviewing photo books seems to be helpful in bringing additional memories back to mind as the sequence of life events is unfolded for review. This sudden recall can be clearly noted in the nonverbal expression as Alzheimers suffers review the photographs and memory is awakened.

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