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Sixteen top management practitioners from all areas of the human resources field offer their best employee attraction and retention advice in “The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide.†The free downloadable eBook assists business owners and human resources professionals who want to fast track their staff management success.

For a free e-book download of “The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide,†visit HRwisdom Employee Attraction & Retention Guide (

With contributions from renowned speaker and industry consultant Alan Hargreaves (, international staff retention expert Les McKeown
(, Australian management coach and trainer ( Juliette Robertson, bonus reports and more, “The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide†reveals the secrets to sourcing the right people, attracting potential candidates, getting good employees to stay, and other business strategies the nation’s leading human resources experts and business owners are using right now to achieve great success.

The “The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide,†eBook download features renowned author and speaker, Alan Hargreaves, who reveals an uncommonly successful way to retain staff, along with Andy Partridge, who shows how to build on values to create an enviable culture.

Anthony Sork shares his top tips for an effective induction and Australian management coach and trainer, Juliette Robertson, reveals how to manage and retain key Gen Y staff. Tony Crosby presents career management for individuals, while Les McKeown explores the most important interview: why are you staying?

Readers will hear from Mathew French on social media in recruitment and Marie-Claire Ross explores engaging new starters. Emma Driscoll shows employers “5 Ways to Become an Employer of Choice,†and Vlasta Eriksson addresses the ground rules in employment contracts.

Robert Watson will speak on Generation Y in the workplace, while Josephine Thomson explores the move to quiet leadership. Readers will learn the five effective strategies to increase employee engagement from Charles van Heerden and Nicole Underwood will present “Who’s Hot Who’s Not - What the Perfect resume Won’t Tell You.â€

Rounding out the eBook will be Michelle Lambert with “10 Questions to Test Your Psychological Contract†and Les McKeown asks the question, “Where does Retention Start?†Businesses will learn attraction and retention strategies from Ron Jones.

The “HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide†also includes links to more free staff management resources that includes a free bonus video and workbook, “The Four Big Mistakes in Job Ads†and the free report, “Top Ten Interview Questions and Answers.†Readers will also have access to the free workbook, “Employee Retention Masterclass,†along with the free reports, “Managing Gen Y†and “Internal Training for Performance & Retention.â€

In creating the free “The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide,†human resources professional and industry commentator, Ben Geoghegan, asked HRwisdom community members to consider the question: “What employee attraction & retention strategies or tactics are working well for you or your clients?â€

“You’d be surprised about how many powerful HR and business strategies the HRwisdom community members were able to share in these 50 or so pages,†said Geoghegan, whose free resources will help those who are HR professionals, people managers, business owners and those looking to make changes in their businesses.

“Business owners, managers and human resources professionals sometimes think they need to make major and complex changes in their people-management strategies, but the fact is the best human resources strategies are often surprisingly simple,†said Geoghegan. “The strategies shared in “The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide†work in any organisation.â€

To download the “The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide†eBook, visit or visit the HRwisdom blog at


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HRwisdom [] is an Australian website which provides free staff management information and resources to business owners, managers and Human Resources professionals.

Members of the free HRwisdom Community get access to high quality management advice and resources in the form of HR articles, HR reports, management interviews, HR templates and more emailed to and posted on the HRwisdom blog.

The free information and resources draw upon Australian and international experts to help businesses on topics such as:

- How to find and hire good staff
- How to motivate staff.
- Effective succession planning.
- Managing difficult employees and underperforming employees.
- Employee engagement.
- Setting up employee benefits programs.
- Terminating employees and/or managing downsizing.
- Selecting the right training and assessment courses.
- Human resources manuals and HR policies.
- New ideas and HR advice.
- Good interview questions and candidate assessment tools.
- Preventing unfair dismissal, harassment and bullying claims.
- Exit interviews, staff surveys, and other tools for staff retention.
- Employee inductions, mentoring, coaching, and training.

HRwisdom has hundreds of members across Australia who benefit from the free online Human Resources advice.

Members include:

- People working in HR (Human Resources) and related roles in medium and large-sized organisations.
- Owners of small-medium businesses trying to cope with staffing issues.
- Managers and general non-HR staff in medium and large-sized organisations.
Ben Geoghegan
P: 0404 947 532

Coaching Combinations

Emma Driscoll of Coaching Combinations is one of the contributors to the HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide.

Coaching Combinations is a Career Coaching and HR Consultancy firm.

Coaching Combinations specialises in two specific areas:

First, providing solutions in all aspects associated with finding the next dream role for individuals and,

Second, working with businesses to get the best out of their people and maximising profits in the process.

Emma Driscoll
P: 0412 155 567


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