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The photos from your wedding day will be one way to make the magic of your special day last forever. You will want beautiful pictures to hang in your home, to share with your friends, to share with your family and day even your children. Choosing a photographer that you can trust will help you to enjoy your day and enjoy the photos for many years to come.

Ask your friends who have recently taken the plunge about the photographer they use. This is the best way to get an honest option.

Look Around
Take the time to call different photographers, discussion the date and time of your wedding to be sure they are available, ask them to give you a general price range, discuss what the do for weddings and communicated your expectation to them. Also ask where you can see samples. Wedding photography Sydney is a great place to start.

Make an appointment
Even though you may like the photos, being able to feel confident in your photographer is most important. Make an appointment to talk with the photographer and be sure you feel like they are someone you can trust. They last thing you need to do on your big day is babysit the photographer. Don't feel forced to hire the photographer that day.

Read over the entire contract. Do not assume the photographer knows what you want, be sure its all in the contract. If you want candid shots and posed shots, be sure that is in there. Make sure the agreed pricing is in the contract. You should also know what will happen if the photographer you expect is not available that day, in case of an emergency. Consider the what ifs on your big day and be sure its in writing.

Discuss The Pictures You Want
Make sure you notify the photographer, in writing, what you want. It will be helpful if you make a list of posed pictures and who you want in the pictures so no one gets missed, include relationships and names. That way the photographer can call names and understand the relationship when they set up the photos
For example:
Pose 1-Bride's Family- Bride and Groom with Mom (Joann), Dad (Sean) and Sister (Sara)

The Big Day
Choose someone who you trust to be your go to for the photographer, maybe your maid of honor or your mom. This person can answers questions and decided if they are questions you will need to address. This will help you better enjoy you day and enjoy the photos for many years to come.

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