Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Ashley Knoote-Parke is a foreigner who chose to make Australia home. Now she is busy changing one of the fundamental ways in which we identify ourselves.

British born, South African raised and now Australian, Ashley Knoote-Parke is madly in love with South Australia.

Of all the places in the world where she could be, she is exactly where she wants to be. But there is one aspect of her new home that troubles her.

Contrary to the Australian way Ashley loves tall poppies and hates it when others try to lop those same poppies.

“I want to celebrate success, make a song and dance about it, tell the world how great we South Australians are,” she says with the enthusiasm of someone who has recently discovered paradise.

But Ashley is more than just words. As a boutique publisher she has produced two volumes of Footprints, books that celebrate the physical brilliance of SA and, in the first of her Boardroom series she rejoiced in the success of more than 50 extraordinary women who also call SA home.

“And now,” says Ashley, “it’s the men’s turn.”

She is looking for 100 men who are not afraid to be praised who will be featured in the second of her Boardroom series, BBQ to Boardroom.

“I’m looking for men who’ve made a difference in their field and not necessarily the extroverts, but the unsung heroes.

Ashley already has quite a few starters, but needs at least 100 men before the project gets the green light.

The primary beneficiary of the project is the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia so, as well as singing the praises of truly deserving men, it will be benefiting a real cause that every man, once he lives long enough, will be grateful for its existence. What is not commonly understood is that men can be diagnosed with prostate cancer as early as in their forties. Each year around 20,000 Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Tragically, each year, almost 3300 will die as a direct result of this disease. This is one man every three hours…

Ashley is urging these men or their supporters to go to this website and nominate today.

“I want tall poppies with heart & soul.”

PIC CAPTION: Tall poppies who’ve committed to the project are Dale Elliot with publisher Ashley Knoote-Parke on his knee while behind them from left are Terry Lindblom, Graham Bubner, Nick Duffield, Bill Vis and Maurice Henderson.

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