Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
3C’s Consulting is pleased to announce the launch, in Adelaide, of the first training course written specifically for Sales Managers.

“There are numerous sales training, management training and leadership courses but nothing for Sales Managers,” said Craig Pickering, Managing Director.

The role of the Sales Manager is critical to sales success and yet has until now been ignored by training providers.

“Sales Managers need to be mentors, motivators and leaders as well as being able to define guidelines for their salespeople and assisting in the sales process” Pickering said.

Improving the performance of the Sales Manager by 20 percent also improves the performance of a company’s salespeople by a similar amount, and will therefore have a significant impact upon business.

This one day intensive course will be launched at the Stamford Plaza on North Terrace on the 22nd July. Participant numbers are limited to eight to ensure maximum benefit and in-depth discussions.

Bookings can be made online at www.3csconsulting.com.au/BookingForm or by contacting 3C’s Consulting on 1300 862 926.

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3C’s Consulting offers training in selling and developing client relationships in addition to their newly launched Sales Management Training. They also offer guidance in prospecting, change management and business planning. Their industry experience encompasses finance, IT, insurance, retail, manufacturing, wholesale, consumer goods and construction.
Craig Pickering
P: 1300 862 926
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First Dedicated Course for Sales Managers


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