Thursday, September 1st, 2011
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Need some statistics for an upcoming article? Wondering which mobile phone carrier has the best customer satisfaction, what the latest employment figures are, or where Australian businesses are more likely to spend their advertising dollars? The Roy Morgan Market Research Update is a convenient fortnightly email direct to your inbox that contains Roy Morgan Research’s latest findings on various industries, new product releases and upcoming events.

Roy Morgan Single Source conducts over 50,000 interviews annually in Australia and over 20,000 interviews annually in New Zealand covering findings from industries including:
o Automotive
o Banking and Finance
o FMCG and Retail
o Health, Fitness and Well-being
o Internet, Technology and Telecommunications
o Media and Advertising
o Politics
o Consumer and business confidence
o Societal Issues and Trends
o Tourism, Travel and Leisure
o Young Australians (based on our survey for 6-13 year olds)

It’s free to receive Roy Morgan Market Research Updates and once you become a subscriber you will receive a fortnightly e-newsletter complete with the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, the latest Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence findings and the latest national polling.

The Market Research Updates are based on the simple premise that if you want to know everything about your target market, it is critical that you interview people within that target market and put all the questions to them. No guesswork. No assumptions. Just pure, powerful facts.

By subscribing to Roy Morgan Market Research Updates, you will be able to access research data that will boost the validity and influence of your feature article or interview topic, with top-line data from the largest annual survey of Australians. You gain access to the data that Australia’s top mainstream and industry media use for many front-page news articles.

Thorough, accurate and comprehensive, the field survey work that Roy Morgan undertakes is weighted carefully against the Australian population to provide presenters, producers, marketers and journalists with the power to clearly see:
o The market - its demographics, geo-demographics and lifestyle.
o The reasons why people act and think the way they do.
o How people feel about politics, the environment, advertising, product brands etc.
o The products, brands and services people buy - across product categories.
o The places people will buy these products and services - by retailer or service provider.

Roy Morgan Research, Australia’s best known and longest established market research and public opinion survey company, was founded in 1941 by Roy Morgan. Since then, Roy Morgan Research has earned an unparalleled reputation for accurate, insightful, independent, high quality information.

Roy Morgan Research is a truly international market research company and the provider of the world’s most extensive and only true Single Source Survey.

Roy Morgan Research. As seen on Can of Worms – Channel 10

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