Thursday, September 1st, 2011
It is ten years on from 11 September 2011 when terrorist attacks on New York and Washington ‘changed everything.’

But how has the world changed and what are the implications for the future in terms of geopolitics, peace, human rights and stability?

These and many other questions will be raised in a very special Conversation between Professors Hugh White and Robert Manne on September 12 at La Trobe University.

The World After 9/11 – Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary is being presented by the Ideas & Society Program and the Institute for Human Security.

Hugh White, probably Australia’s most original and independent strategic analyst, has long-held views that while terrorism remains a threat it is not be the biggest threat since World War 2.

His belief, which he will share during the Conversation, is that that 9/11 may well have distracted Australia from other realities such as the economic rise of China and India which has and is transforming the Australia’s strategic alliances.

He also maintains that the threat of terrorism never warranted the billions of dollars that have been spent on the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Professor Manne said: ‘White is a candid and refreshing speaker who draws upon years of experience in many different roles including Deputy Secretary for Strategy and Intelligence in the Department of Defence between 1995 and 2000.’

‘These positions have given him a unique insight into world politics from an Australian perspective, which in turn make him a fascinating person to listen to and explore issues with. His opinions very much count, for instance his most recent Quarterly Essay, Power Shift, was widely discussed in both Washington and Canberra,’ said Professor Manne.

The Conversation will be chaired by Dennis Altman, Director of the Institute for Human Security at La Trobe University.

THE WORLD AFTER 9/11: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary
A Conversation between Hugh White and Robert Manne

• Hugh White is Professor of Strategic Studies at the Australian National University
• Robert Manne is Professor of Politics at La Trobe University
• Chair, Dennis Altman, Director, Institute for Human Security

Date: Monday 12 September 2011
Venue: John Scott Meeting House, La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus.
Time: 12.30-2.00pm
Free entry.
Public inquiries:

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