Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Toop TV explores the impact of rising residential land values in Adelaide, with current values surpassing that of Sydney, to now be ranked 2nd highest in the nation (Episode 90 -

A recent study from the Housing Industry Association indicates that the rise in land values has caused a 39% drop in land sales over the last 12 months.

The combination of high land values and limited land availability has the potential to cause significant flow on affects in a market already experiencing low consumer confidence.

“This lull in land sales is particularly concerning to the construction industry, which could expect a decline in contracts,” said Toop.TV Presenter Tanja Goess.

However the report indicates that recent data shows that land values are levelling off, which may provide renewed interest in construction.

Episode 90 is important viewing for those involved in not only real estate, but development too!

Also in episode 90 of Toop TV:

*Karen Raffen, CEO of Advantage SA (formerly SA Great) discusses the organisation’s role in promoting the benefits of South Australian living

*The opulent Dulwich House is visited

*Rental property maintenance and the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant are explored

*Sneak peak at a five bedroom Tudor-style home located at 14 Penzance Street, Golden Grove, and

*Prospect’s prospects: an insider’s look into the growing inner-city suburb.

Remember, all previous Toop TV episodes are online. Log onto for the latest in SA property.

View the complete episode and previous episodes at and look out for Episode 91.


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