Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
What if you were able to track a portfolio of assets, across several different asset classes using just one index, benchmarked against data sourced by some of the world’s best data providers including Thompson Reuter, Lipper, Residex and Intierra??

This is now possible thanks to an innovative and powerful web-based initiative called MyIndices™ (www.myindices.com) , which is powered by data from sources such as Thompson Reuter, Lipper, Residex and Intierra.

With MyIndices, you are able to create your own indices or charts and track their value on a daily basis. No matter what your portfolio is comprised of –Australian shares, funds, super, residential property or interest - MyIndices provides you with a single view of an entire portfolio and how it is performing.

By benchmarking against industry standard indices or your own custom indices, you have an easy to use, inexpensive and powerful charting tool to use in your publication.

How could you use MyIndices in your publication?
• Review and compare the daily performance of each index created or your entire investment portfolio.
• Optimise your investment strategy through 'what if' scenarios.
• Examine the effect of income, weighting, volatility and more on each index.

Founder of MyIndices, Julian Wright said, “By benchmarking against industry standard indices or your own custom indices, personal investors, client advisors and virtually anyone else dealing in wealth creation and wealth management can now effortlessly keep track of entire portfolios at the click of a button, easily adding and removing assets as the need arises.”

The MyIndices team are currently working on a Global Mining Top 100 index.

Journalists and the media are welcome to use MyIndices complimentary by logging into [email protected], password:cellphone. MyIndices request that they are credited for any graphs that are printed by media outlets.

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MyIndices is the brainchild of Julian Wright, a successful businessman and entrepreneur in Western Australia. Julian graduated from the University of WA with a B.Comm in 1964 and then the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in 1973 with an MBA majoring in Finance, most of which was investment related and which then became his passion.

After several years in general commerce he joined Bill Healy and Joe Mckay and a year later their firm became Healy Mckay & Wright Investment Services. As an Investment advisor Julian always had a number of concerns with the way client’s portfolios were tracked and communicated to the client:

“I always wondered why a clients portfolio couldn’t be expressed as an index instead of the run-of-the-mill tabular form and why you could easily find a chart of a single stock or single fund anywhere but never two or three together, let alone two or more from different asset classes.

“I thought about how much easier it would be to be able to index the entire client portfolio including interest, shares, funds and property, and to allow for uneven cashflows and income reinvested. I also wanted a way to enable 'what if' scenarios and to be able save and update daily.

“If this could somehow be brought together in one application I would be able to manage my clients portfolios much more quickly and most important of all, accurately measure performance.”

Julian was also concerned that when funds were added to or withdrawn from a portfolio it was such a complex procedure (some would say virtually impossible!) to measure return.

Julian’s idea was simple - create a straightforward tool to enable investors to quickly compare, analyse and optimise their portfolios against ‘real’ benchmarks - From this, MyIndices was created and developed.
Carol Wallbank
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W: www.myindices.com/


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