Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Games technology, content management and digital signage have collided in FIRE and ICE, an approach to publishing and displaying interactive multimedia content that puts the power in the hands of the content owner.
FIRE (Fast Interactive Rendering Engine), combined with the ICE multimedia management system, allows non-technical users to quickly publish multimedia to any output screen in its native format, in real time.
"FIRE is a unique digital interactive display system that lets anyone with virtually no training redisplay any content on multiple networked devices, from a superscreen in a sport stadium to a personal digital device within seconds in real time," says Kojo Interactive's Project Development Manager, Chris Dalton.
"The quality will be as high as it can be depending on the native resolution of the target device. Interactivity can come from the data within the system or allow drill down into multiple levels, only restricted by the depths of the content.
"Many of the systems in the digital signage space require manipulation and management by a third party. Combined with the ICE multimedia management system, we put total control back into the hands of the owner of the content."
FIRE and ICE have evolved from Kojo's expertise in film and digital content creation, from creating post production effects for movies like Wolf Creek, Heart in Atlantis, and Snow Falling on Cedars through to production, sound, and visual effects for national and international television series and commercials.
One of FIRE's first customers is News Limited, which uses the system at the Advertiser Newspapers new state-of-the-art headquarters for its self-managed narrowcasting TV channel - ANPLTV. (View at
"The system looks very much like CNN or any such cable news service, in fact if anything it looks better," Mr Dalton says. "It displays news, weather and time continuously on multiple screens throughout the building and retail sales foyer. The system can draw on content from a whole range of nominated sources throughout the News Ltd network."
FIRE's key markets are in the retail sector, tourism and hospitality, the property development arena, and entertainment and leisure markets.
"We believe we have created a new market segment with FIRE," says Mr Dalton. "It's not digital signage, it's not narrowcasting, and it's not a scheduling system.
"FIRE formats, crops and presents the material in its native resolution without any intervention by staff - they don't need to know anything about Photoshop. It provides full transparency layering for a rich interactive experience, and it can interact with lighting to produce effects when the end user touches the screen.
"You can build your own TV channel or use it to change the displays in your boardroom depending on who's visiting that day. Digital signage has just taken a leap into the future."
Kojo is now looking for distributors who are able to assist in introducing the remarkable features and benefits of FIRE into the nominated target markets.

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