Monday, August 29th, 2011
The fast-growing Melbourne-based TBP Women’s Business Alliance is the first business networking group in the nation to introduce a dynamic membership card that incorporates USB storage and mobile access.

TBP Alliance Managing Director Maree Hamilton has launched the new technology, which resembles a credit card and has a built in USB stick to store valuable information for members to use and share (pics available).

The card also has a bar code compatible with both Blackberry and iPhone handsets. The barcode is scanned by members’ mobile phones and takes users directly to the network website at

Mrs Hamilton says TBP Women’s Business Alliance is leading the market in advertising, branding and promotion with the smart mobile storage device.

“Being innovative in business, particularly with technology, is so important to keep ahead of competitors," Mrs Hamilton says. "We wanted to demonstrate how contemporary our business network is and provide value for our members."

The USB flash drive can store, carry and transfer up to 16GB of data and fits easily into a wallet.

A CPA Accountant to small business, Mrs Hamilton recently sold her accounting business to concentrate on growing her women’s business network. She discovered a niche market for networking events for businesswomen in Melbourne’s suburbs.

“Trying to find quality networking events in suburbia was like looking for a pot of gold – so I decided to create my own,” she said.

"The introduction of Paid Parental Leave by the Australian Government is an extra incentive to run a business from home, especially for women looking for an opportunity to supplement the family income."

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:
• 780,000 home based business operate within Australia
• Of these 46% are run by women

Mrs Hamilton said that her network has grown 300% in the last three months and she puts this growth down to the increase in mumpreneurs running home based businesses.

"These women really value the flexibility of being home and also caring for their children - It is such a dynamic and inspiring market."

For more information or to arrange an interview with TBP Women’s Business Alliance, contact Maree Hamilton on (03) 9751 2322 or 0408 340 817.


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TBP Women's Business Alliance

TBP Women’s Business Alliance is a membership based business network for women that aims to support and inspire men and women in a diverse range of businesses. The network was established by Maree Hamilton, a Certified Practising Accountant and Public Speaker.

Membership is open to men and women who wish to develop business and marketing skills and create networking opportunities for the organisations they represent.

The Alliance has offices in Olinda and Mulgrave in Victoria and aims to be a leading women’s business network providing quality events aimed at meeting and exceeding the needs of its members. The network can be accessed by members from any region in Australia.
Maree Hamilton
P: (03) 9751 2322
M: 0408 340 817


Business Networking Tool for iPhone, Blackberry set to revolutionise business advertising, branding & promotion



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