Thursday, August 25th, 2011
Group Pharma, a leading manufacturer of dental & oral hygiene products in India, has, through its Directors, taken a further equity position in Biodental Remin. The decision comes after Group Pharma successfully formulated toothpastes and mouth washes containing Biodental’s “Anticay†tooth remineralisation technology.

Mr Sunil Attavar, the Managing Director of Group Pharma, said “our initial evaluation of the Anticay material was very positive and we are looking forward finalising our commercial arrangements with BDR.“

As part of their on-going relationship with BDR, Group Pharma are funding several University studies of Anticay to determine the conditions under which maximum remineralisation is obtained.

The Group Pharma decision follows closely on the heels of the recent decision by New Zealand based Red Seal Natural Health to enter into a joint venture with BDR for the manufacture & sale of oral hygiene products containing Anticay in Australia & New Zealand. Oral hygiene products formulated by Red Seal are nearing the end of pre-production stability trials in Red Seal’s own laboratories.

BDR has recently responded to additional requests for evaluation samples received from major industry players in the USA & Europe.

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Biodental Remin

Biodental Remin Ltd (BDR) is positioned to become a significant global manufacturer and marketer of products that are capable of remineralising teeth.

Dental decay most commonly commences with the loss of minerals from the protective enamel on the outside of our teeth, known as demineralisation. In nature, demineralisation is balanced by the body’s inbuilt repair system remineralisation. Modern lifestyle, diet, poor oral hygiene or lack of saliva flow can cause an imbalance in the natural processes. This common situation results in a net loss of tooth mineral which leaves the protective enamel weakened and susceptible to bacterial infection.
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