Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
The LEGO brand has been a favorite toy among kids for many years. It has remained popular despite the wave of electronic toys and the digital age that is now taking place. It has even survived through competition with toys such as Lincoln Logs, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and G.I. Joe. This leads to the question as to why it is so popular. How has the LEGO brand continued to be a success with kids despite all of the competition with other toys and products?

One of the main reasons that LEGOs are so popular is due to the nature of the toy. The LEGO brand allows kids to use their imagination. It is one of the few toys on the market that allows kids to create whatever they want. They can build a house, person, dinosaur or even a car. It is entirely up to them and what they want to do. They get to think for themselves and create what they picture in their head. It is all about creativity and the wonder of the mind.

Another reason that the LEGO brand is so popular is due to the companies strategic partnerships. They have teamed up with hugely popular brands in order to further the success of the LEGO brand. Some of these partnerships have included Sponge Bob, Harry Potter, Batman, Indiana Jones and Bionicle. This has allowed them to create LEGO toys that can be marketed to fans of specific brands. It has been a great way for the company to bring in more business.

Since its creation, LEGOs most popular seller has been the LEGO Star Wars. This is a great demonstration of the importance of their strategic partnerships with other companies. The LEGO brand has created toys such as the Millennium Falcon and the Imperial Star Destroyer. These have been a big hit with the kids.

LEGOs were created by a little Danish company. Since their creation, they have evolved into one of the most popular toys ever made. Although there have been many reasons for this, the main two are the imagination they allow and the strategic partnerships that the company forms. If they continue to do operate in a similar way, the LEGO brand will remain popular with kids for many generations to come.

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