Monday, August 22nd, 2011
The LeapFrog Company is proud to present their latest creation: the LeapFrog LeapPad! This unique learning tablet device is designed after the popular iPad released by the Apple Company. The LeapPad device, designed for kids aged 4-9, takes learning to the next level with touch screen interaction and motion sensing technology.

The LeapPad comes standard with four apps and has a library of over 1000 games available via software download or cartridge form. The LeapPad is also compatible with other LeapFrog game cartridges such as those designed for the Leapster Explorer and LeapFrog Explorer. Children interact with the LeapPad by using the touch screen, the stylus as well as by shaking and turning it, resulting in hours of fun and excitement.

The reading comprehension apps on the LeapPad literally bring the characters to life for the kids while they are reading their favorite stories. Additional learning topics include mathematics and spelling games, which are designed to enhance the learning process. With games such as Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Worldwide Rescue, children are taught geography by travelling to locations all over the world.

In addition to the learning subjects, the device offers a range of skill building games designed to teach multiple skills such as puzzle solving and mystery solving. With titles like Mr. Pencil saves Doodleburg, children learn how to write and draw by playing through the game. Going one step further in the learning process, the LeapPad offers an animation and art studio which provides children a way to create their own works of art.

The photo edit application offers a cute and clever way to modify pictures by adding different backgrounds and effects. Children are able to learn important skills that help them locate and release their inner artist so they can share their work with the world. In addition to the art studio, children can add their name and picture to a main browser which lets them personalize their LeapPad.

Using the LeapPad in conjunction with the LeapFrog website allows parents to watch their children grow and improve as they learn. Parents can also see what areas that they need to work on with their child to ensure the child is learning at their full potential. Children have the wonderful option of showing off their work online through the LeapFrog website, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

This incredible learning tool is going to be released in a 20,000 unit limited supply within Australia. To be sure to get yours before Christmas, pre-order now before it is too late! Simply visit to place your order today as quantities are limited. Do not delay - order today before it is too late!


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