Saturday, August 20th, 2011
Nutrimetics has completely revamped its Restore range, relaunching it with a unique active complex which harnesses the power of a breakthrough anti-ageing ingredient; Sauvignon Blanc. This new formula has wowed women in clinical trials with product testing revealing 100% of women saw less wrinkles in just 28 days*

Australian women take care in looking after their skin: According to the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report 44% of Australian women said they wouldn't leave the house without moisturiser^, and a further 39% said if they only had time to do one part of their beauty regime, it would have to be cleansing and moisturising^^. Using this insight, Nutrimetics have created in the Restore range a complete skincare solution to help reverse the appearance of ageing, and slow down the process altogether.

Sauvignon Blanc is rich in antioxidants and has been specially sourced from grapes grown in New Zealand's pristine Marlborough region, ensuring consistent strength and purity. Combining this anti-ageing component with new-age peptides and vitamin concentrates, Restore's new triple-action skincare system is designed to tackle the three most common causes of ageing; wrinkles, pigmentation and stress. The ingredients work together intelligently and are clinically proven to help reduce wrinkle depth, diminish age-related pigmentation and protect skin from the stresses of modern life that lead to skin ageing.

Restore Anti-Ageing Eye Crème
The newly formulated eye crème works to firm the skin on the lid and surrounding eye area, smoothing out wrinkles for a more youthful and fresh look. Clinical trials generated a 100% success rate, with every user agreeing the product increased the skin's firmness on the eyes' contours in just 28 days** This claim, revealing the highest product satisfaction possible, is unique to Restore Anti-Ageing Eye Crème.

Restore Anti-Ageing Day Crème SPF 15
Pigmentation can affect the skin if it is over exposed to UV light. This new daily skincare innovation works to reduce the signs of ageing, including pigmentation. Apply daily and witness a reduction in the skin's pigmentation within a matter of weeks.** In addition, 100% of women saw less wrinkles in just 28 days*. For a more nourishing day cream, try Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Day Crème SPF 15 ($56) for dry skins.

Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Night Crème
Using the antioxidant power of the active Sauvignon Blanc Concentrate, this new night crème does all the work while you sleep; with 100% of women reporting a reduction in wrinkle depth in just 28 days!*

Restore Softening Cleansing Crème
This newly developed cleanser's secret ingredient is Soybean Oil, which bonds with dirt and impurities on the skin's surface, enabling them to be easily and effectively removed. Shea Butter moisturises and nourishes the skin and Tea Extract provides antioxidant protection.

Foaming Cleansing Lotion
Hyaluronic Acid enhances the skin's moisture reserves, whilst Chamomile Extract soothes the skin, and Comfrey Extract conditions skin to minimise tightness, for a flawlessly clean and nourished face.

Restore Refining Toning Lotion
This toner is mild on the skin and alcohol free. Mushroom Extract instantly firms and African Whitewood Extract minimises pore size and works to eliminate skin shine.

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Notes to Editors:

Product details:
Restore Softening Cleansing Crème (150ml) RRP $40.00, suitable for all skin types
Restore Foaming Cleansing Lotion (200ml) RRP $40.00, suitable for all skin types
Restore Refining Toning Lotion (200ml) RRP $40.00, suitable for all skin types
Restore Anti-Ageing Eye Crème (15ml) $46.00, suitable for all skin types
Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Night Crème (60ml) RRP $60.00, suitable for all skin types
Restore Anti-Ageing Day Crème SPF 15 (60ml) RRP $56.00, Normal to oily skin
Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Day Crème SPF 15 (60ml) RRP $56.00, Normal to dry skin

* Results based on independent clinical testing.
** 95% of women who tried the new formulation reported a reduction in the appearance of pigmentation in 56 days.

About the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report:

National Survey
This report is a Nutrimetics research initiative to discover the state of Australian women's beauty habits and attitudes about beauty. The Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report is one of the first in-depth reports of its kind, and Nutrimetics prides itself on being a leading authority on beauty, and understanding Australian women.
Research conducted in June 2010, with a national survey of 1,842 Australian women from all States and Territories, aged from their teens to their late 60s. Women selected from rural, regional and urban areas as well as a combination of ethnic backgrounds.

Focus Groups
To explore some key findings of the national survey, two focus groups were conducted in June 2010. One group comprised on women from Gen Y, and the other a mix of women from Gen X and Boomers.

^ 43.7% of women questioned chose moisturiser as their top product, when asked what they would include in their beauty regime if they had to limit their products to just three.

^^ 38.8% of women questioned choose moisturising and cleansing, above any other answer, when asked which beauty regime they would do if they only had time to perform one


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