Friday, August 19th, 2011

Thereitis, 3D Search technology that transforms the online shopping experience by making it easier to sift through large amounts of visual data, has won a major Commercialisation Australia Proof of Concept Grant.

Developed at Flinders University over a period of 10 years, the patented search technology was spun out into startup 12 months ago by CEO Guy Sewell. It has since been developed to enable a range of web-based applications, from searching for photographs on your own hard-drive to browsing online dating or social media sites, to online retail.

Mr Sewell says will use the $250,000 Proof of Concept funding for product development and market validation with beta customers. Additionally, the funds will be used to build a social media platform, shopping portal and hard-drive management application for the consumer market.

“We are of course delighted to be selected from a highly competitive field by the Australian Federal Government,” Mr Sewell says. “This validates our efforts and positions us well to tackle the global market of retailers seeking more effective ways to engage with consumers online." has been selected as one of the most innovative ICT companies in Australia by the Tech23 Innovation Awards.  Mr Sewell will present to an audience of over 400 potential investors, partners and clients in Sydney next week, August 23rd.

You can trial right now by visiting

Demonstrators on the site include social networking site LinkedIn, search engine Bing, and online shoes and clothing store

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Thereitis enables the display of large collections of visual data to leverage the human ability to detect objects of interest in clusters of related data. It presents data in the form of images or icons in a 3-dimensional array organised about axes of relevance. Users are able to detect clusters of the type of objects they are looking for, often in their peripheral vision.

About Commercialisation Australia
Commercialisation Australia is an initiative of the Australian Government. It is a competitive, merit-based assistance program offering funding and resources to accelerate the business building process for Australian companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors. It offers a range of funding options as well as multi-layered networking opportunities to help you achieve business success. Participants in the program work with dedicated Case Managers and benefit from our Volunteer Business Mentor Network.
Guy Sewell, CEO,
P: 0423 364 195


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