Friday, August 19th, 2011
Every month, there are 67 million online searches for lost family members. From FBI estimates, 2,300 people are reported missing every day. It's as simple as family being split up and losing contact from moving that can separate a loved one.

“My brother can't hear or talk, he is turning 30 years old on October 29 of this year, and I really need to see him. It's been about two years since I've heard from him. I wonder every day if he is doing well,” writes Marlene Moran on a post on Moran is looking for her brother Doug.

Nikki posts on Yahoo, asking for advice on how to find her sister she knows almost nothing about. She pleads for someone to help her, being that she's only 14 and her mother won't tell her anything.

John made a Facebook page to look for his mother and brother. He lost contact with them in Sri Lanka, and has since been unable find them. He continuously posts their names and dates of birth hoping someone will find them.

“I just want my daddy. Is that too much to ask?” posts nikki080610 on She's been looking for her father since her parents split up before her birth.

“Wherever you are now dad, I wish you were here. It's the 16th year I celebrated Father's Day without you here. I love you.” posts user Chen Cruz, also looking for her father since birth.

Many of these people have to take the same tactics of background checks and online forums in order to find someone. They hire private investigators, who charge based on how much information is already obtained. With just a first name, birthday and picture, the range of services go from $100-1500 just to find someone.

“I can't help you with a first name,” said one agency.

The founders of Video Suspects have a solution for these people. They have plans to launch a website in which users can post images or videos with the information they have for missing people, crime suspects, and more while other users can find those people for cash rewards.

“Most people have pictures that can be 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years old and still be identifiable by them,” Founder Ed Burns said.

The founders say they want people to get closure on the answer of why they weren't in a loved one's life, as millions want to know why a family member wasn't in their life. Burns is one of those people, who had in the past searched for his father.

“Why? Why wasn't I included in his life? Always the question 'why?'” Burns said. “People always want to be the fly on the wall to understand the answer.”

Video Suspects also hopes to help police and businesses decrease shoplifting, a $14.5 billion loss each year for America. The corporation is currently looking to find an equity investor to work with their current skilled team of over 50 years experience, before launching the site nationally within 90 days after funding.

Once launched, the site will be easier and more affordable to use than current methods or platforms. Users pay a monthly fee to post the information they have, while other users can join for free to report and identify people. For each person successfully found, a cash reward will be offered.

According to Burns, Video Suspects can assist police by centralizing data and the efforts of numerous people who may be looking for the same person. The use of reward incentives will also help draw millions more people than online forums typically attract.

The new company is currently planning to stay in the beta stages until it has found equity investors to fully launch, but users can still sign up during the beta period. Users can post and look for missing children and people, crime suspects and deadbeat parents.

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