Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

South Australian company InfoTec Communications has released its new employee recognition and reward program. Based on the premise of positive output coming back to you as positive input, the Boomerang Awards program facilitates an empowering culture by enabling your employees to recognise one another's efforts.
"The word `Boomerang' has its origin in one of the world's most ancient cultures," says InfoTec Managing Director Chris Herrmann. "But there is one primeval need that hasn't changed, no matter what the pace of progress. That is the basic human need for recognition, simply to be acknowledged for our individual contributions, no matter how large or small."
Boomerang Awards is based on a logical outsourced data collection service that is very easy to implement. Once every couple of weeks, every employee gets an opportunity to nominate up to three of their co-workers by replying to an email sent by the automated Boomerang Awards service. All emails are collated by the service and individual comments are sorted and sent anonymously to the correct recipients.
"Each quarter and annually, your manager will receive a prioritized list to allow in-house awards to be made," Mr Herrmann says. "In a simple and effective way, nominations reflect the reality of life inside organisations, and encourage productive behaviour."
Examples of comments made using Boomerang include:
o attention to detail
o fantastic with recording, and exudes a fun sense of humour
o for always helping with a smile
o for consistent and reliable service to Data Entry
o handling a difficult situation very professionally
o helpful nature
o taking all the pranks in his stride
The advantage of this service is its simplicity, says Boomerang customer Garry Bishop, principal of Homestead Realty in Western Australia.
"It's working really well, everyone gets a lift when they get a vote," Mr Bishop said.
Boomerang requires no special software, admin or systems alterations. Once set up, it can continue without intervention, becoming part of your normal business practice.
As the Boomerang returns home, the reciprocal power of recognition creates a positive working culture that extends to increased customer satisfaction, which leads in turn to more business success.

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Boomerang automated awards program comes back to increase employee satisfaction and business success


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