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AUSTRALIAN marathon swimmer 26 year old CHLOË McCARDEL today confirmed her intention to re-attempt a record breaking swim across the English Channel three times non-stop, a distance of more than 100 kilometres. If successful, she will be the first Australian to achieve the feat, and one of only 4 swimmers worldwide to do so.

Her previous attempt in July this year almost ended in tragedy, with the Channel conditions worsening throughout the swim. Chloë’s support crew pulled her from the water as she suffered severe hypothermia and pulmonary aspiration. The entire drama, followed by Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program, resulted in Chloë’s admission to the local hospital’s emergency and intensive care facility for 36 hours.

Intensive Care Unit specialist at the hospital Dr Gustav Strandvik said, “The hypothermia led to a lung condition which was actually fairly serious. People who aren’t as fit as Chloë would not have bounced back so quickly.”

Now back in Australia, Chloë said, “My pilots and weather watchers were in unanimous agreement that the cold wind was severe and the night eventually became unswimmable. My first crossing was the fastest time of the year and only 18 minutes slower than the quickest time from the whole of last season. I was set for about a 17 hour double crossing, a tremendous time considering the fastest female double crossing is 17 hours and 15 minutes. Only a few men have swum a double crossing in quicker time.”

After completing a double crossing of the English Channel last year and given the events of her last attempt, Chloë is now more committed than ever to complete a successful triple crossing.

“Nothing more than the weather and sea conditions were against me in July,” Chloë said. “I’ve never been more physically and emotionally prepared to achieve this goal. Cadel Evans took 6 attempts before winning the Mount Everest of distance cycling, and with that perspective I am more committed than ever to be the first Aussie to achieve a triple crossing of the English Channel. I’m determined to do it”.

Chloë’s triple crossing of the English Channel is yet to be re-scheduled, but is expected to take at least 30 hours of swimming to complete.

Previously, Chloë set an Australian record, swimming 60 laps across Bondi Beach, a total distance of 48 kilometres, doing so in 11 hours 42 seconds without fins, wetsuit or shark cage on 24 April 2011.

The public is welcome to join-in and follow her preparation and progress via updates on Chloë’s Twitter, Facebook and Blog pages.

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Chloë McCardel is a 26 year old marathon swimmer. In 2010, she won the prestigious 46km Manhattan Island Marathon and completed a double crossing of the English Channel in 21hrs and 48mins, the 2nd Australian to do so. Her previous attempt to successfully complete a triple crossing of the English Channel took place in July 2011 and was aborted due to worsening conditions and hypothermia. She has been a vegetarian since the age of 11 and is grateful for the healthy lifestyle and life-long friendships that sport has provided.
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