Thursday, August 18th, 2011
Australian percussionist, Claudia Chambers turns tragedy into self discovery, via a 15 year journey through the passion of Spanish Flamenco and now returns to Australia to teach the joy of rhythm to an international audience using the cajon (box drum) and an online classroom.

Australia ( July 28th, 2011 -- In 1996 a young English teacher from Sydney was taken to near death via a head on car collision and was left with one overwhelming conviction, “follow your heart!”

What followed, was a journey deep into the soul of Southern Spanish culture, exploring a vibrant new world of music, dance and self discovery.

After this exciting 15 year adventure through Flamenco dance, Gypsy percussion and the street-life of Western Europe, Claudia Chambers returned to Australia to teach the empowering, fiery rhythms that brought passion back to her spirit.

For the new Claudia, in a new digital age, is the culmination of this journey. A 21st century Internet community where Claudia, now one of Australia’s leading percussionists, teaches Rhythm online and shares the richness of her journey with an international audience.

The instrument couldn’t be simpler... A box you can sit on, albeit one that has been shaped over the last few centuries by Afro-Peruvian culture and firmly embraced by modern flamenco worldwide. The Cajon is best described in Claudia’s own words... “This groovy drum-kit in a box has its own soul - full of fun and passion.

The unique box drum, the cajon, is truly played with the heart. One beats upon it with ones hands, but to capture the passion, one has to play with the confidence, courage and determination of a women with a one way ticket to Spain... It is the rhythms associated with the cajon that unlock the heart and transform hardship into fun and joy!

Starting an internet business after so many years of connecting with people and cultures, face to face, is no easy feat. Claudia’s determination to bring the soul of flamenco music to the shores of Australia via her fresh and innovative drumming website - is merely a continuation of the same focus and courage that saw her drop all the comforts of home, all the security of a 9-5 job, and head deep into the heart of Andalusia, the spiritual home of flamenco gypsy culture.

Learning her unique craft involved years of study, busking and eventually performing. Call it luck, karma or just being in the right place at the right time... Timing that has blessed Claudia with some of the greatest cajon teachers in Spain; Juan Flores (Duquende, Manuel Soto), Isaac Figueras (Chiquelo), and Pepe Motos (Sara Baras Flamenco Company, Paco de Lucia). It was timing also that resulted in the hugely popular, Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico) inviting Claudia to tour and record with them after watching her busk at a Barcelona Jazz Festival.

Claudia went on to work with Luka Bloom and many others for the next two years. She was still deeply connected to her new home in Spain and focused, more than ever, on a journey deep into its culture. Australia seemed a long way a way...

"If you had told me that I was going to come back to Australia and teach people to play cajon drums, I would have thought you were crazy!"

But that is exactly what she did! Claudia now shares her love of rhythm and the cajon with people from all different sectors of the community - from primary school kids, high school students, dance students, people with disabilities. Men and women who could use a little more rhythm in their lives.

"We've all got rhythm 'cos we've all got a heartbeat!" - A motto that Claudia uses to begin unlocking the rhythm and musicality that lies hidden inside every new student. She is all about bringing more joy into people's lives and helping them to uncover a powerhouse of creativity and fun... The human heart! There is no barrier to the cajon. It is a simple instrument accessible to anyone, any gender, age or ability. It is, after all, just a box you sit on and drum out a rhythm on.

A professional drummer who discovers the cajon for the first time will be amazed and liberated but for many it is simply an easy break from the stress of modern life, a chance to bash out some energy and have this amazing little box turn it into something cool and funky. It’s all about... Creative Cajon Fun. It’s about finding and playing the rhythm in your heart, expressing yourself, getting into a different flow away from our day to day lives. Rhythm as meditation.

Claudia’s new website (currently in BETA) officially launches on Thursday 13th October 2011.

The website combines her experience of playing and performing in Europe with her ability to teach great value high level technique that anyone can access. For anyone who has a interest in learning yhe cultural rhythms of Spain, the website offers students the convenience of learning from home, via a series of online video lessons.

Anyone can log on to receive a free trial, online lesson at


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