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Having a huge potential for energy savings in mind, EC technology developed by ebm-papst is the first choice for electrically powered fans. EC technology, when compared to conventional fans with asynchronous motors, achieves an efficiency of more than 90%. That means energy consumption up to 50% lower compared to AC solutions. Moreover, the speed of fans driven by EC technology can be controlled so that the air volume can be adapted to suit the specific requirements, which also results in further substantial energy savings.

Update on MEPS and HEPS
The recently released In From the Cold 2010-2020 strategy has identified considerable potential to reduce energy consumption and lifecycle costs through increasing the uptake of more efficient fan motors in all new equipment and as replacements in existing equipment. It further identifies a strong role for MEPS in raising the efficiency level of the lowest performing units. EC technology by ebm-papst will be able to meet future requirements.

In From the Cold advocates:
•    Adoption of efficiency performance policy measures for all single-phase and three-phase electric motors supplied into the ANZ market that drive air moving fan blades or impellors either incorporated or intended for incorporation into non-domestic refrigeration equipment, including combined fan and motor assemblies

•    Investigation of the following products for MEPS and HEPS:
     o    electric motors for driving fan blades or impellers that are supplied as separate components with output rates >5 Watts and above
     o    combined fan/impeller motor assemblies supplied as complete units with input ratings of >15 Watts.

ebm-papst already offers an energy-efficient alternative in GreenTech EC technology – that not only meets but exceeds by far energy-efficiency requirements.

Thanks to the successful interaction of motor, electronics and aerodynamics, ebm-papst's EC technology fans do not just convince with respect to their energy efficiency. The fans also work extremely quietly thanks to their optimised commutation techniques and the aerodynamic configuration of the impellers. And on top of everything, they are also extremely reliable and durable.

To sum it up: EC technology is the better alternative when planning energy-efficient devices and installations to meet upcoming energy-efficiency requirements.

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