Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
As Daily Deals websites gain serious momentum, marketing expert Jo Macdermott has issued a timely reminder to business owners: do your research before signing up to a Daily Deals promotion.

Dedicated to revealing some home truths about Daily Deal promotions, Jo has put together a free eBook, “The Real Deal on Daily Deals”, which contains tips for business owners who are considering Daily Deal promotions.

“Daily Deal sites have helped many businesses grow sales and gain new customers, ” says Jo, “however, too often these businesses participate in Daily Deal promotions without really considering the financial and customer service implications in their business.”

Despite this, Jo believes that with careful due diligence, business owners can benefit from Daily Deal promotions.

Here are three Daily Deal tips for business owners:

  1. Research a number of Daily Deal sites and negotiate with them: With over 50 Daily Deal companies in the market, shop around to see which one can come up with the best promotional arrangement for your product or service;
  2. Systemise your booking system: Make sure you can handle the Daily Deal customers without to much effort (and additional expense):
  3. Carefully assess how many discounted sales you can actually afford: Take into consideration the size of the discount and amount of work required to fulfill an order.

“Daily Deals are a great way to attract new sales and customers, in a short period of time, with little or no upfront costs” says Jo. “However to make the promotion work in the long term it’s a matter of being smart and doing the numbers before committing to a Daily Deal promotion.”

“Daily Deal customers need to be treated with the same respect and customer service as full paying customers, otherwise the business risks a bad reputation.” “If a business cant deliver on that, then they shouldn’t participate in a Daily Deal promotion”. says Jo.

To get the full story on deals daily promotions and what a Business Owner needs to consider to make the right decision, download Jo’s free eBook, “The Real Deal on Daily Deals” at http://www.nextmarketing.com.au/dailydeals.php

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