Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The Australian economy is about to see a surge in the number of businesses aimed at satisfying women’s needs. Companies are now capitalising on the female target market & the trend is on the increase.

Australia currently has businesses providing female only gyms, funerals conducted by women & “female accredited” businesses that provide consumers with satisfaction, avoiding overcharging or exploitation. It believes that women listen to recommendations of other women more than any other form of advertising.

In an Australian landmark development, Australian parents can now be insured for the unpaid housework duties that they perform. The monetary value of work that a homemaker performs has been recognized & valued by “Million Dollar Woman” an insurance arm of Suncorp Group.

The introduction of Paid Parental Leave by the Australian Government on 1st January, 2011 will be an extra incentive to run a business from home.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

• 780,000 home based business operate within Australia
• Of these 46% are run by women

The trend of catering for security needs of women is set to continue as Melbourne contemplates introducing female only cabs, driven by women. This follows the European trend of “Pink Taxis” based on the same concept. Victorian Taxi Association spokesman, David Samuel, said the State Government would have to relax its regulations for such a service to be adopted here.

The largest hotel in Scandinavia, Hotel Bella Sky Comwell, (with 814 rooms) offers a “Bella Donna Floor” which has been designed specifically for business women travelling alone.

Marketing products and services around gender will always generate debate. The issue underlying this market is providing equal opportunities to all parties & not to discriminate.

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