Sunday, August 14th, 2011

The STREAMS Intelligent Transport System developed by Transmax won the Australian ICT iAwards in two categories: e-Government and Infrastructure and Tools. The company will now represent Australia in these categories at the Asia – Pacific iAwards finals in Thailand, in November.

STREAMS management of the upgraded M1 motorway in Melbourne typifies the achievable benefits. The outcomes on the M1 are significant:
• Accidents reduced by 30%.
• Travel times reduced by 42% during peak periods.
• Economic benefits estimated at more than $2 million per day.
• Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 11%.

The system will be extended to other Melbourne motorways and other traffic management functions.

STREAMS has achieved these benefits through:
• The most effective ramp metering system in the world. Sustained, four lane peak hour flows exceeding 9600 vehicles per hour are now achieved, unless incidents occur. This is a 50% increase on the flows achieved by the previous system.
• The unique incident response facility. The project specification required that incident response plans be fully implemented within 10 minutes. STREAMS implements complete incident response plans within 10 seconds.

Transmax and the STREAMS system are now attracting interest in the UK, India and the Middle East. The company has recently been short-listed for a large, highly contested, UK ITS contract.

The development of an international customer base is exciting for Transmax. It is also essential for the ongoing development of STREAMS as software products like STREAMS can only be sustained long term, if they have a substantial international customer base.

The company believes that the iAwards wins and international success will assist with the achievement of our goals.  These include helping the Australian economy through the creation of high value jobs in industries that will grow in the future and the generation of export income.

Additional information can be obtained at:

Contact Profile

Transmax Pty Ltd

Transmax develops and supports the STREAMS Intelligent Transport System. STREAMS integrates the following road traffic management functions:
- Motorway management
- Incident management
- Traffic signal management
- Driver information including parking guidance
- Real time pasenger information.

The integration of all these functions:
- Improves total system performance
- Simplifies the management of these functions
- Lowers the associated costs for traffic authorities.

John Lees
P: +61 4 0845 1095


Intelligent Transport Systems, Traffic Management Systems



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